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Shes giving me mixed signals!!!! Help!!!

Discussion in 'Family, Friends, and Relationships' started by rencetakingover, Jul 9, 2016.

  1. rencetakingover

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    Jul 9, 2016
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    So, I met this girl last year. She was my friend's best friend (my friend is also gay so lmao). At first I was shipping them and stuff because they look cute together since they are so close. I try to set aside my stupid little crush feeling towards her. They were like a couple, actually they hold hands and hug and talk everyday. But then my friend found a girl that altered her attention away from her best friend.

    Then, she started to talk me. She would rant about how she misses her best friend, how jealous she is and stuff. Eventually, she admitted that she fell in love with her and that she said 'it was a mutual feeling' so they were kinda dating before we even met so shes confused as to why she unofficially dumped her or something.

    Anyway, we keep on talking everyday. Sometimes, we would hang out. There was a time she admitted that she stalked all my social media accounts when we first met. She would like all my tweets and turned on notifs on my tumblr. During our prom, when she first saw me she complimented me as to how pretty I am but we didn't danced tho we just keep on talking and laughing (so loud that the teachers and schoolmates scolded us) We went to the beach this summer, she keeps on joking how my boobs are attractive (yikes these feels awkward to write pfft) so I also told her how cute her ass is. I dont really know if shes lowkey flirting.

    She said that she likes someone (but idk if its a girl or a boy because she's bi). She said she likes people who are tan, tall and masculine while I am the complete opposite of those. Also, she said shes trying to make herself 'straight' after getting her heart broken by her best friend.

    I wanna tell her that I really like her last week. So I posted about it on my sideblog, I wrote the link on a post-it and placed it between her book. But she said she didn't see it so I'm guessing it fell. Ughhhhhhhhhh, I just want her to know that I like her so she'll never feel unlovely. Im not asking for anything in return. But do you think she likes me too? :slight_smile::bang::eusa_doh: