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Season Lights: A message regarding peace, hope, love, and you

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Blaz, Dec 16, 2008.

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    Jan 19, 2008
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    As this season begins, and as we draw closer and closer towards the end of another year, it is once again time for us to look back on ourselves, on our life this past year and before, and on our life in the future.

    All of us have a story to tell. Whether that story is full of ups, downs, or reversals does not matter now, what matters is moving forward. It is often said that one cannot live a life on the achievements of the past, and the same applies to the failures and hardships of the past.

    This season, be it in a religious aspect or not, signals the coming of change, the coming of a new year, the coming of change, the coming of light, the coming of hope. It is the conclusion to our actions of the recent past and the beginning of our future.

    All of this begins with you. It is these words I write that do not change who you are, it is you who changes who you are. Only you are capable of bringing yourself to terms with things and providing the grounds for peace. If there is any season to do this in, it is this season of light that is appropriate.

    One, however, must not get too preoccupied with one's self. Remember those around you as well. They have had many of the same experiences and fought many of the same battles as you and I have. Different, perhaps, but their insight is just as meaningful. There are some individuals who are currently struggling to win the same battles you have succeeded in, some even greater, and you can always help their cause. Donate a few cents, spend time at a soup kitchen, volunteer, do something philanthropic; something as simple as telling someone hello or thank you is enough to bring a smile to their face or bringing them closer to finding peace. It is impossible to always know the stories of people, but it is not impossible to be a beneficial part of one.

    Sometimes we may be afraid of the future, uncertain of what is to come, feeling that impending doom is near, feeling as though we will never change, as though things will never change, as people will never change, as though society will never change, as though we are chained to our past. But we are not. Each of us holds our own key. Each of us holds hope within our hearts, though sometimes it may be difficult to find. Remember that the future is a blank slate filled with countless opportunities. What can you do to change for the better? What can you do to help the lives of others? What can you do to change the world, or a fraction of it? This life is short. Carpe Diem. Seize the day. You are a vessel of hope, containing withing yourself the key to finding it. Don't give up, no matter how tough things will be you will always have that key, but don't be afraid to use it for your own or others benefit. Sins of omission are just as pungent as sins of commission. Thus said, doing nothing to progress yourself forward does no one any good.

    The most beautiful thing this season brings is a reminder of love. Again, be it in a religious aspect or not, this love flows through us, from individual to individual. We must always remember that there are people who are willing to die for us, relative, friends, or even complete strangers; people who's love is so great it is incomprehensible by most. A small example of this can be seen in those who volunteer, those who contribute to charities and other non-profit organizations. All of us have the ability to love and be loved. it is this love that is a gift, a gift we must share with the world. Much too often are things brought up that separate and divide us and wither away the bonds of love, though this does not mean those bonds can be healed. But again, it is us that must us the light within ourselves to heal these bonds. Love. A simple word for such a profound emotion. A profound emotion for such a lovely season.

    I have been going on much too long here, but I feel as though it is nice to share these things with others from time to time(God knows it's impossible to do this all the time, though one is free to try :slight_smile: ). Once again, I urge you to remember these things in this season that serves as the perfect medium and example for them.

    You are all very special to me, and I can say that I do love you, all of you. You guys bring joy to my heart, peace to my mind, and hope to my life.

    Seasons Greetings