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Hi everyone

Discussion in 'LGBT Later in Life' started by baristajedi, May 5, 2020.

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    Sep 11, 2015
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    Hello! I just popped in to see how everyone’s doing, it’s been a while. Things are pretty good here. A lot of varied little stresses but mostly feeling really good things about life. My daughter now has a brother! (Her dad and his partner had a baby). He’s absolutely beautiful . I am still working through the covid situation, but from home, and I appreciate my job so much. My daughter and I actually had covid and it’s finally subsiding. It’s ok though, we’re ok :slight_smile:. I met someone... she’s really special. I decided around the last time I was on here, maybe November that I’d not date for a while or even consider it. I needed time to think. I have been doing that for a bit, and then in March I decided if I meet someone I’d be open to dating but no seeking out anyone. And then I met someone :slight_smile:. it’s super new but it feels wonderful. Obviously covid and stuff have made it a bit of an unusual situation but we’ve managed to find social distance ways to see each other .

    anyway, I’m in a really good place, I’ve felt lately like I am due some good introspection; I may come back here for some of that :slight_smile:

    I hope you’re all doing well ❤️
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