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Worldbuilding Appreciation

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Technology' started by WolfyFluff, Oct 31, 2015.

  1. WolfyFluff

    WolfyFluff Guest

    Let's make a thread where we all can appreciate worldbuilding, a process where fictional worlds are created to provide a backdrop for a story that takes places within them. Stories are usually only a glimpse into that fictional world and nothing more is shown, unless curious people look more into it's details.

    What fictional world is your favorite?

    I enjoy Middle Earth in Lord of the Rings, the Wizarding world in Harry Potter, Westeros in A Song of Ice of Fire, and Tamriel from Elder Scrolls. They all have this rich fictional history, legends, myths, and lore that they offer.

    There's stories that aren't really significant to the main story told in those worlds, but they're fun to look at.

    What other details are your favorite in those worlds?
  2. PerditionRawr

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    Sep 23, 2014
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    As always, I must give props to JRR Tolkein for being such a giant nerd he wrote a book just so he could use the language he created.

    But, er. Dune by Frank Herbert. Isaac Asimov, for creating the Three Laws of Robotics and tearing them down. Also, for psychohistory and the scope of the foundation series. Terry Pratchett was also a interesting worldbuilder, through his sheer prolificness.

    With world-building, I tend to appreciate technology. Not just hard science fictiony sort of stuff, but also ordered systems of magic.