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Was this safe?

Discussion in 'Physical & Sexual Health' started by CuriousLad, Oct 6, 2018.

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    Jul 3, 2018
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    A few people
    So ex had been experiencing mild pain while urinating (also passing stool but that's because of a fissure) but was comfortable ejaculating (this started even before we met and he has no sexual history). Got all his blood tests and other exams done only to find nothing, but the doctors still gave him some medication after determining it was mostly psychological.
    I wasn't too satisfied with this and wanted him to go to a private hospital, but he said that would apparently get too expensive. Anyway, his symptoms gradually grew better. So I've blown several times but he'd never let me swallow because he was still scared that he might have something and I might have a cut in my inner cheeks/gums.
    About 1.5 weeks ago I took him to this mall near my house and kinda slammed him inside the washroom cubicles and blew him (safe because it was empty and hot because well I was in the mood). Anyway I didn't let him pull out and swallowed all of it this time. He was mad for a few days but was fine after that. Was this risky in any way?