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Useful/Helpful/Informative Threads and Links on Gender Identity

Discussion in 'Gender Identity and Expression' started by EmptyClosets, Mar 10, 2013.

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    Below is a list of threads in the Gender Identity and Expression section that have been deemed helpful or important. Because there are so many, we've put links to them together in one thread, rather than having a bunch of stickies at the top of this section. We will post in this thread every time a thread is added to the list, so you don't need to constantly check for updates; just check the date of the most recent post in this thread. Be sure to check the stickies in other sections of the forum for more useful advice and information.

    If you want to suggest any threads that could be added, please post in Ask The Staff pointing us to the thread you found useful.

    General Trans* information

    Transgender Terms: Detailed definitions of terms associated with the transgender community.

    Transgender/sexuality terms Includes definitions about sexual identities as well as gender identities.

    Information For and About Transgender Individuals: Includes information about terminology, pronouns, transitioning, dysphoria, and other topics.

    Gender Basics

    A nice little booklet simply explaining non-binary identities.

    Short page on American Physiological Association regarding transgender people. Includes downloadable leaflet.

    The Gender Book A website containing many different graphics, as well as a free e-book to help explain gender to others.

    Am I transgender or transsexual? -Includes questions to ask while you are questioning your gender.

    Trans* specific support forums

    Transgender Pulse: A support and advice website for transsexual, transgender and transvestite individuals and those who have gender dysphoria. Staff members are trained in Youth Suicide Prevention.

    PINKessence: A Social Network of Trans Identifying & Gender Expressive Individuals, Partners & Supportive Allies

    Transition Information

    World Professional Association for Transgender Health Standards Of Care, the path most doctors and therapists follow for transgender health care

    GLMA (Gay and Lesbian Medical Association) Transgender Health Resources

    Pamphlet for parents about gender variant children

    Legal name change and gender change information

    Passing tips

    Hudson's FTM resource guide, This has a ton of tips about passing.

    The FTM's Complete Illustrated Guide to Looking like a Hot Dude

    Dress shirt tips for skinny, short and small men

    CandiFLA's MtF Voice Tips

    Finding your female voice youtube videos- Trans*female voice tips.

    Additional Support/Suicide Prevention

    How to Begin Coping When Your Family Disowns You for Being Trans

    The Trevor Project: Information on a website aiming to prevent suicide for LGBT teens.

    Trans lifeline- A suicide hotline staffed by transgender people for transgender people.

    Trans student equality resources : A site that has all sorts of information about transgender people and for transgender people. There is information about being transgender in college here too. Also, this site includes infographics that could be useful in explaining transgender topics to people.

    Coming out to parents pamphlet

    Books about Transitioning/Transgender theory

    Trans Bodies, Trans Selves: A Resource for the Transgender Community - A resource for trans people that is written by transgender people. (Includes genderqueer experiences.)

    Other useful information

    Transgender traveling information from the TSA

    Finding transgender friendly medical care

    RADRemedy- A database of transgender friendly medical providers in the US.

    MyTransHealth - another database, this one (as of the time this is written) is still in development.

    TAVA (Transgender American Veterans Association)- resources for transgender veterans
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    Updated 6/2/16- Added Transgender American Veterans Association
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