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General News US supreme court Moore v Harper

Discussion in 'Current Events, World News, & LGBT News' started by mnguy, Oct 6, 2022.

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    Some people
    "The heart of the Moore case is a formerly fringe legal notion called the Independent State Legislature (ISL) theory. This theory posits that an obscure provision in the US constitution allowing state legislatures to set “time, place, and manner” rules for federal elections should not be subject to judicial oversight."

    Also read Democracy in Chains. What's happening is all about the wealthy industry owners knowing that a true, free Democracy will reduce their profits. They are so petulant they will do whatever it takes to get their way, to feed their insatiable greed. Suffering and death of the peasants doesn't matter to them. Others want free reign to hate on people they don't like so that's enough for them to go along with the destruction. It's very sad, I don't like being part of this human species.