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TMJ pain management

Discussion in 'Physical & Sexual Health' started by ECMember, Jul 5, 2020.

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    Dx with TMJ in April of this year. I've started bite splint therapy in June(well I sort of did in May but didn't attend a follow up stabilize apt). Recent July adjustment appointment I came out with more soreness on my side mouth gums and tongue biting. My TMJ dentist doc he uses TENS for muscle therapy and I think early on in my appointment the TENS had caused some clenching and I may have bitten my tongue/gums or clenched at some point because later on when I went back home I saw bite marks on my tongue and a cut on my gums on left side of my mouth inside.

    My TMJ pain it consists of clench/swallowing of excess saliva, excess saliva, postural problems, neck pain. Facial-oral pain, jaw pain. I've taken Flexeril(muscle relaxer), Tyenol. My shrink recently Rx me on Valium 2mg to help with sleep and muscle spasms which sort of helped....didn't cure my TMJ but sort of helps out but I still have pain. I've noticed the past few days and even more earlier when I clench/swallow my bite splint(mouth guard), I get headaches/brain fog or even without it on if I incorrectly swallow/clench swallow saliva, or times when I have involuntary swallow patterns I get headaches/brain fog