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Starting new job

Discussion in 'General Support and Advice' started by Raziel00, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. Raziel00

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    Jul 27, 2016
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    I'm starting a new job. The current job I'm leaving has basically just become tiresome. The current job I have pays $15/hour which I had to work my way up to over five years from $9/hour. This new job starts at $15/hour and goes up to $20/hour after about a year which is the cap. Both are in manufacturing. The thing I'm worried about though is the new hours. This new job is 12 hour shifts from 6pm-6am Wednesday through Saturday. The current job I have is from 10:30am-1am(14 hours) so I'm no stranger to long hours but I've never worked evening to morning before like I will be doing in two weeks. Other than say Blackout curtains or something what can I do to better prepare for this change.