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LGBT News Same-sex dance couples on UK TV this year...

Discussion in 'Current Events, World News, & LGBT News' started by Joe2001, Jul 7, 2020.

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    A few people
    Just saw this and thought it would be interesting to share.

    This show is the UK version of Dancing with the Stars. The theme is ballroom and latin dancing, a celebrity pairs up with a professional dancer of the opposite gender to learn the ballroom and latin dances. It's always been mixed sex couples until now but this year, they are considering mixing things up and having not one but two same-sex couples. One female duo and one male duo.

    Two people dancing together doesn't really have much connection to sexuality but many view it as a form of LGBT visibility and it is always a gay or bi celeb, usually they request a same-sex partner.

    What do you think? A positive step for LGBT visibility on TV or virtue signalling?

    I don't see this happening on the American version any time soon since it's mostly watched by Republicans, they've cast the likes of Tucker Carlson, Tom DeLay, Bristol Palin, Rick Perry and Sean Spicer in the past.