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Rate each year of the decade and give your thoughts on it

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by AlexPatrickMorrissey, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. 2000 - I don't remember a lot. Um, I can't say too much about it. 5/10.
    2001 - My first year of school. It was great. 8/10.
    2002 - The first year that I started getting in trouble. So many memories. 8.5/10.
    2003 - The year that my life hit its peak. So many amazing things happened. It when I met the only person who I've ever fallen in love with. 10/10.
    2004 - The person who I had fallen in love with moves. My dad is sent to jail and my sister moves to her dad's. 4/10.
    2005 - My grandfather is sent to a nursing home for Alzheimer's patients. My grades and social life were falling apart. 5/10.
    2006 - The year I hit rock bottom. Everything that could have gone wrong did. My mom's alcoholism takes a turn for the worst and she uses meth. I planned to commit suicide on Christmas. 1/10.
    2007 - Things start to get better. I start seeing my dad again. My grandfather dies from cancer. 7/10.
    2008 - I graduated from elementary school. I start to go to Junior High, where I am bullied every day. My GPA was 0.95. My dad sobers up. 7.5/10.
    2009 - I transfer schools. I finally accept myself and realize that I'm non-heterosexual. My other grandfather dies. My sister is caught using heroin and moves again. 8/10.

    Overall, this decade was very bittersweet. I know that my childhood ended in 2004/2005. I hope that things will get better as I grow older. I hope to be fully out in the next decade. I hope my mom sobers up once and for all. I hope that my sister stays clean. I hope.
  2. Maddy

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    Mar 23, 2008
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    Melbourne, Australia
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    Out to everyone
    2000 - Grade 4, the year I completely changed friendship groups, met the best friend I've ever had, and became my school champion at spelling and maths despite being two years younger than the oldest people there. 9/10.

    2001 - Bullied a fair bit, but I at least had people by my side. 6/10 or so.

    2002 - Last year of primary school. Massive fight with most of my friends, but that was mostly resolved by the end of the year, and I was made dux of my primary school. 4/10

    2003 - First year of secondary school. Awkward. Found my first close, affectionaate female friend, fell head over heels for her, and buried my head in the sand denying my attraction to her. 5/10

    2004 - Not a good year, is all I have to say. 2/10.

    2005 - Also not great. Self-harming and falling for someone who slowly broke me over the next three years. However, I accepted my queerness (at the time I thought I was bisexual, but I knew for sure I liked girls), came out to a couple of friends, and really enjoyed a project my school did where every week we'd do something different - sailing,
    first aid, self defence, wheelchair basketball, plus a term of volunteering. 4/10.

    2006 - More issues with aforementioned girl, health took a nosedive, started walking with a cane regularly. Was granted a wish by the Make-a-Wish Foundation, so my family had the first (and only) holiday we've had when I've been old enough to remember it. Came out to most of my peers, not too well received. 5/10

    2007 - Year 11, I moved up to the senior campus of my school (where it went co-ed), discovered and started attending a queer group, clinging onto friendships which clearly were failing. 4/10

    2008 - Finished school. Finally moved on from the girl I'd been infatuated with for years, and had a couple of dates with other girls, although they didn't lead to anything. Joined the committee for the queer group I discovered in 2007. Found EC. Very lonely school-wise, but I got through it, performed far beyond my expectations when I got my final marks, got into my uni course of choice, and kicked in three scholarships. 7/10.

    2009 - Started university. Moved into uni accommodation in a different city. Made some fantastic new friends. Was promoted on EC. 8/10.
  3. Swamp56

    Swamp56 Guest

    2000 - Mom is completely and utterly mentally unstable; don't remember well (0/10)
    2001 - Don't remember well; dad got married to 2nd wife (3/10)
    2002 - First psychiatrist hospitalization - middle school starts and I'm bullied (2/10)
    2003 - Don't remember well (x/10)
    2004 - Met first good friend in January; cat Cuddles died (7/10)
    2005 - Good year; don't remember much besides that (8/10)
    2006 - Start high school; bullied a lot and had issues with friendship to best friend (3/10)
    2007 - Sophomore - don't remember much, but good year (7/10)
    2008 - Junior year, shitty as hell though (4/10)
    2009 - Senior year and college; went nuts in April due to psychotic break and hospitalized twice. Started college and had good time (8/10)
  4. Just Adam

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    Mar 17, 2009
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    My AV room
    2000 i started school was late on first day cos of fuel shortage
    2001 ummm ummm im sure it was crap
    2002 ummm next
    2003 the war started :frowning2:
    2004 last family holiday i lost me mum
    2005 went to college
    2006 went to college
    2007 i dropped out of college
    2008 my great grandmother past away
    2009 my gran was very ill

    not the most ehart warming decade.
  5. riddlerno1

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    Aug 2, 2008
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    2000 - 2nd year of college. Nothing great happened Big Brother started, Loved that
    show (5/10)

    2001- Started Uni, wasnt that great, thought people were better than they were (4/10)

    2002 - 2nd Year of uni - Met a guy who was supposed to be a friend. Was abusive (3)

    2003 - Start of third year - Work slipped, started partying (6/10)

    2004 - Graduated got a 2:1, was getting drunk every night. Said friend from 2002 was
    still being abusive. (5/10)

    2005 - Left friend. Came home. Started working at the ELC. Had wasted nearly £5000.

    2006 - Started my Msc. Made some new supportive friends (7/10)

    2007 - Was working and studying. Got my Msc. Started my DPsych. Loved myfriends (8/10)

    2008 - Came out - Whooo hooo!! Was a tough time juggling this and studying (6/10)

    2009 - One whole year of being out. Started going to gay bars and clubs. (8/10)
  6. Stuie

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    Aug 2, 2008
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    Canberra, Australia
    2000 - I hated my teacher this year, but was having a really good social time, although I think I had a bald patch in either this year or the year before which was rather embarrassing, so that took it down a little. Maybe a 4/10

    2001 - I was having a huge problem with my primary school as it really wasn't catering to my needs, so I moved primary schools halfway through the year, which was one of the best decisions my parents ever made for me. I really liked being at my new school and met a really great friend who I'm still friends with now. I think about a 2 before I moved schools and an 8 after I did.

    2002 - This was one of the weirdest classes I've ever had. There were 8 boys and 20 girls I think or something around that. This made the boys really close, so we had a really tight group of friends. It was a good year but nothing particularly exciting. I also started doing the music program I've been doing ever since then. Maybe a 6 I think.

    2003 - A pretty good year except for a fair bit of bullying. I remember completely losing it with people twice that year. Maybe about a 4

    2004 - An awesome year. I realised for the first time that I was sexually attracted to guys. I had an awesome teacher and had really awesome friends. A 9

    2005 - First year of high school. I can barely remember it actually. Nothing particularly exciting except making some awesome friends and having a bitch of a history teacher who hated me. A 5

    2006 - Most stressful year of my life. I HATED year 8 school wise, but was having a pretty good time social wise. A 3

    2007 - I changed schools this year, which was a really good decision. I basically repeated year 9, but it was such a good experience really. I really became a muso this year and was repeatedly mistaken for a year 10, which was entertaining. I also came out to some friends at the end of this year. A good year so a 9

    2008 - Another generally awesome year, with lots and lots of music. Another 9

    2009 - A good year but not as good as last year or the year before. A 7
  7. Apocalypte

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    Oct 11, 2008
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    Dublin, Ireland
    2000 - was pretty good, Transition Year -> 5th year at school, competed at the European kenpo karate championships in Jersey. Started to realise that I might not be the straightest tool in the box at about age 16. Did my first summer at CTYI and did Maths Olympiad. 9/10
    2001 - graded for black belt in kenpo. Did my 2nd summer at CTYI before going into Leaving Cert year, and took on an extra subject at school so I was then taking on 8/7 of a normal load. Got kicked out of religion at school. 8/10
    2002 - did my Leaving Cert, got the best grades in my year (and got €1,270 from my college for this), started a degree in maths. Made friends with an awesome group that I'm mostly still friends with. Also switched martial art, from kenpo to ITF taekwondo. 7/10 (exams suck, college was awesome this year)
    2003 - college was pretty awesome for the spring semester, but started going tits-up in the autumn semester. I really struggled once 2nd year started because I'd cruised through on natural ability in first year. Also got my job working for a game store this year. On the good side, I lost both my guy and girl virginities this year. 6/10
    2004 - had to repeat my college exams, so that meant studying through July. That sucked, and college still sucked arse after that. Came out to my first person this year though. On the good side though, captained my college to an Irish Intervarsities team title in taekwondo :slight_smile: 4/10
    2005 - Reached my breaking point with college, but stuck around long enough to captain my college team again to the TKD intervarsities title (senior level this time, rather than intermediate as in 2004) before dropping out. Re-started college in September of this year as a second year computer science student, which I enjoyed a lot more. Started coming out to my other friends (as bi). 5/10
    2006 - got decent grades in my 2nd year exams, and got a research internship at my college for the summer. Tried to balance the research internship with working 20 hours a week in my game store job, ended up getting very ill at the end of August and having to take 2 weeks off from both the internship and my other job. Started playing WoW, and stopped training in TKD due to recurring injuries. 6/10
    2007 - This year is basically lost to me because of WoW. Qualified for the final year of my degree by 2%, and promptly decided to take a year out. Got a full-time tech support job and moved in with friends. Took the LA LA LA NOT LISTENING approach to life, played ~35 hours of WoW a week and piled on the weight. Also came to the conclusion very early this year that I'm not bi. 3/10
    2008 - First half of the year is basically the lowest point of my WoW zombie existence, I was about 210lbs and playing about 50 hours of WoW a week around a full-time job. Finally quit the game in July of 2008 because I wanted to actually do well when I went back to college. Took up running as a way to lose weight, and started watching my diet again. Operation Salvage GPA went quite well, got mostly A's and B's in my semester 1 exams. 4/10
    2009 - Finally finished my degree (with a 3.15 GPA in the end), took WAY too long! Got accepted to a 1 year taught masters program, which I decided to do because the jobs market in Ireland is awful at the moment. Learnt to absolutely love running, and to realise what a massive difference it makes in my life. Ran my first half-marathon in June and my first full marathon in October. My weight is down to 140lbs too, which I'm very happy about because it's a much healthier weight than what I was at in my WoWzombie days. I'm still not out to the family, but I'm thinking of starting 2010 with that... 9/10
  8. Jiggles

    Jiggles Guest

    2000 - I had 4 teachers for that year. :grin: That was a fine year. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: 8/10

    2001 - We had a week and a bit off school due to a huge power cut due to snow. 6 feet of snow in one night. :grin: 7/10

    2002 - Nothing really that I can remember. ??/10

    2003 - Smashed my face into the pavement at the start if the summer. Was not fun. :frowning2: 3/10

    2004 - Started High school and started to realise that i liked boys better (This is where it all went down hill for suppressing at this point.) 8/10

    2005 - Passed ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) Was one of 3 that passed out of 13 Adults and me! 8/10

    2006 - Mum died at christmas. :frowning2: 1/10

    2007 - Worked my arse off in the summer but got a lot of cash. :grin: 7/10

    2008 - Holidays to Cyprus and Austria. (!) Brilliant fun. 10/10

    2009 - Came out to my self and loads of people. Been a bit up and down about it all though. 5/10
  9. x2x2x2x2y2

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    Oct 15, 2009
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    Wonderland (and California, USA)
    2000- 2nd grade. Dont remember much. 6/10

    2001- 3rd grade. Had a great teacher. Cant remember anything besides school. lol 6/10

    2002- 4th grade. Had a mean teacher. Hated her so much. I had a lot of problems with going to school cause of her. 4/10

    2003- 5th Grade. More problems with school. I start hating it and not going much. My dad had to drag me to class once. 2/10

    2004- 6th grade. Still had problems with school but had a great teacher. She helped me a bit with the problems. 5/10

    2005- Dad dies. Great grandma dies. I go to my first year of middle school and meet a few new friends. I miss CC so much!! lol 3/10

    2006- More school hatred. Have some problems dealing with my dads death. 5/10

    2007- High school!! I hated it. Stopped hanging out with CC, because we had different classes. Didnt have many friends, if any at all. Mom meets future BF. Hes a complete jerk. i hate him. Oh and and i start hanging out with my brother and his kids a lot more. Like every weekend. 5/10

    2008- Sophmore year in high school!! i transfer to a alternative studies program(which i still am in). Not a bad year. Nothing really bad or good happens. Oh and my mom and her BF get closer, while i get farther from my mom. 4/10

    2009- So much stuff. Junior year in high school. Behind in my credits though. Credit wise i only count as a sophmore. I come out to my mom and later my best friend. My mom and i move into a new house with her BF and his son(aka my best friend). Oh and i sorta space myself from my brother and his kids. Not sure why though. 7/10

    Overall this decade really didnt phase me. Atleast not the first 4 or 5 years. Overall i think i learned a lot in 2005, when my dad died. I learned alot bout life and death. I think this decade has made me stronger, if anything. I mean sure it was hard but i try to look at it like this: If it doesnt kill you, then it can only make you stronger. My dads death was saddening but i do think it made me stronger. Also my moms bf. Since theyve been together ive become a lot more independent. Im learning to stand on my own two feet, finally!!
  10. Brandford

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    Apr 19, 2008
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    Woodbridge, VA
    2000 - Was good, had friends and only a couple of mishaps 8/10
    2001 - Very good, came close to having a girlfriend a couple of times, had friends 9/10
    2002 - Could have been better, friends moved away, was kinda lonely 7/10
    2003 - Moved, had a couple of enemies in my new school, hated some of my teachers, but had a consistent friend 8/10
    2004 - Met my first male love, had a best friend, had someone someone sleep over for the first time. Best friend moved away and I didnt get to say goodbye so 9.5/10
    2005 - Missed my first love/best friend deeply, had tons of regret, was pretty lonely 6/10
    2006 - Got stalked, had a crush on a aquantence and did over all well in school, first year of high school 7/10
    2007 - Met my true love, and a best friend on a video game, fell in love, had a good group of friends in school, was the happiest in my life 10/10
    2008 - Got my heart broken, went into deep depression, was the lowest id ever been in my life, attempted suicide, blah blah blah 0/10
    2009 - started to cope, failed relationships, lost friends, changed goals and views, moved again 3/10
  11. Davo

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    Sep 14, 2007
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    Out to everyone
    2000 - I was 13, started high school, probably about the time I realised I was gay, cue serious depression and misery (2/10)
    2001 - Such a haze, more misery, was bullied a bit, I spent a lot of this time not communicating with anyone, sorta hit rock bottom, not a good year (1/10)
    2002 - Things started to improve (they had to after rock bottom), I found new faith that gave my life some meaning and it finally felt that some good things were happening to me, and I started opening up more (3/10)
    2003 - Quite a fun year actually, did really well at school, all the annoying neds had dropped out and I started to get on with everyone, made me a lot happier (5/10)
    2004 - Academically a bit of a wasteful year, but started uni, the friends I'd developed slowly over the last couple of years were away, and I didn't cope with uni life well, made quite a few stupid mistakes which got me down. Had a fun job though (4/10)
    2005 - Suddenly my grades started to drop, I wasn't enjoying uni that much, and I got quite frustrated with my family, had to drop a job that I loved, but made some good friends towards the end of the year (3/10)
    2006 - Grades were plummeting, but social skills improving, I felt a bit better but had moved out on my own and found this difficult (4/10)
    2007 - A hellish struggle to keep up with the course. Finally came out to my two best friends though, although I think this just made our relationship far more awkward, wasn't a good experience... but it did prompt me to join EC! (3/10)
    2008 - Yay, managed to get the degree. Sought help about some of the difficulties I'd had, didn't get much but it did make me feel better. Got onto a postgraduate teaching course which I loved and thrived on, met some great people, made some good friends, finally feeling much happier (7/10)
    2009 - Got my postgrad teaching and now got a great job. I fell in love and now have a wonderful boyfriend, although I had to move quite far away from home for the job which has its problems (9/10)

    Certainly it seems my fun childhood ended with the 90s, and the 00s was a hellish struggle, but these last couple of years have just kept getting better and better, let's hope the next decade continues this improvement.
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  12. Nodnarb

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    Oct 10, 2007
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    Ames, Iowa
    2000 - Don't remember much from this year. I know that my best friend from kindergarten through 3rd grade and I grew apart before 4th grade started, and I didn't really have any friends. 3/10

    2001 - Went from having no close friends to finding the best friend I've ever had. 7/10

    2002 - Grew extremely close to my best friend. I practically lived at his house over the summer. Best year of my life. 9/10

    2003 - Had a huge fight with my best friend that destroyed our friendship, and sent our lives in vastly different directions. We went from spending most of our time together to not speaking at all for a year. It was all my fault, and I still have a lot of regrets about it. The transition to middle school was rough, but I was able to start finding a new group of friends. It also first started dawning on me that I liked guys. 3/10

    2004 - Started to "find my place" with my group of friends. 7/10

    2005 - Started high school. Got closer to some friends, but one of my closer friends started going to a different school. 8/10

    2006 - Don't remember much, other than that I was struggling to figure out my sexuality. 7/10

    2007 - Got my driver's license and my car:slight_smile: Started to accept that I gay. It was a pretty good year. 8/10

    2008 - Grew apart from some of my friends, and accepted that I was gay and came out to my parents. 6/10

    2009 - Moved away from home to start college, which has been good. But there were a lot of stress caused by a variety of things. Got my first job, I also started being open about being gay. 6/10

    Overall, a tumultuous decade. 90's were better. But I'm ready for a new start in 2010.
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  13. pirateninja

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    Sep 26, 2007
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    Bath, England
    2000 - In bad school, didn't like the other students or the teachers for that matter, they kept giving me lines for no reason - 4/10

    2001 - Still in the bad school, started having doubts about sexuality, kept getting picked on for it and did an exam for another school to transfer, and got picked on for that as well - 2/10

    2002 - Passed the exam, went to the new school, made friends with the people I still love to death even over 7 years later - 7/10

    2003 - Friendships increasing, fell in love and so seriously suspected about my sexuality. 6/10

    2004 - Grandad died, got into stage of "Yep, I'm gay, but no one can know". 4/10

    2005 - Parents divorced, started coming out and couldn't stop, even telling the person who I fell in love with about how I felt. Started drinking and smoking heavily. A mixed bag - 5/10

    2006 - Drinking and smoking cut down after a friend got their stomach pumped. Got on with GCSEs. Spent most of the year revising. Parents both got new partners and Mom bought a new house after renting for a year. Pretty boring - 6/10

    2007 - Passed GCSEs well, started A levels. Found EC and my LGBT youth group. Things going very well. 8/10

    2008 - Still focusing on A levels, still with LGBT youth group and made a mod on EC. Things still very good - 8/10

    2009 - Got grades needed to go to Uni, got a girlfriend, broke up with said girlfriend, still with LGBT youth group and EC, went to Uni, made the most amazing friends at said Uni, currently having a blast :slight_smile: - 9/10

    It's gotten better, hopefully the trend will carry on :grin: Rock on 2010
  14. 2000- Hm. Don't remember much. I think this is the year my instant best friend from kindergarten moved away. So, sucky. 4/10
    2001-Started third grade, my most memorable year from elementary school. But also, 9/11. 5/10
    2002-I think this is the year another best friend moved away. 5/10
    2003-I turned 10! This year is particularly unmemorable. 5/10
    2004-Started middle school. So glad to be done with elementary. But I was a sixth grader, so I was probably freakishly immature. 6/10
    2005-Best year of middle school. 7/10
    2006-Eighth graders. Ew. 6/10
    2007-At the end of eighth grade, I learn some very unpleasant things about life. But I also started high school, which is even better than middle school. 6/10
    2008-Year I learn that I'm gay. Drama ensues. It was a bad year. 4/10
    2009-Going to awesome school (check), out of the closet (check), getting away from mother soon (check), pretty good year (check). 8/10

    Dear lord, you make me feel old. D:
  15. Iceeh

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    Nov 19, 2008
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    Bellingham, WA
    2000 - Don't remember much about this year, except for the fact that I broke my collarbone. Which was pretty uncool. Besides that, it was alright. 8/10
    2001 - The year in general was okay, but I had to take my cat to be put to sleep on 9/11... so, double bad day. 7/10
    2002 - Really close family friend died in a car accident at only 7 years of age, but my little brother was born. 6/10
    2003 - One of the best summers of my life, traveled quite a bit and the only bad thing I can remember happening is me spraining my ankle. 9/10
    2004 - My little sister was born, and I was at the peak of my Neopets obsession (don't laugh! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: ) 8/10
    2005 - Finished elementary school, began middle school, and started questioning my sexuality. Pretty average year. 7/10
    2006 - 8th grade was awesome. 'Nuff said. 9/10
    2007 - Started highschool, and discovered an awesome TV show by the name of Buffy. 8/10
    2008 - Wow, where do I begin? Had my first few relationships (with guys- mind you, they didn't work out too well), joined a Buffy forum that changed my life, accepted the fact that I was gay, had a pretty damn amazing summer, and fell in love with a girl. <3 9/10
    2009 - Blah... I was pretty much abandoned by all my friends, my nana died, I was pretty close to suicide (I might not be here if it wasn't for said girl), I moved away from Alaska after living there my whole life, and spiraled into depression. Not fun. 2/10

    So, right now, I'm really hoping 2010 is a gonna be a better year! :slight_smile:
  16. AtomicCafe

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    Oct 5, 2009
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    Tucson, AZ
    2000: Moved to my current state. 3/10 at the time, 10/10 in retrospect.
    2001: My favorite cousin dies in 9/11. That sort of ruined the year for me. 0/10
    2002: Worst sixth grade class ever. Got bullied way too much. 2/10
    2003: Joined orchestra. Realized I suck at music. Also realized I was gay. 6/10
    2004: Moved once more to the worst town ever. 1/10
    2005: Started high school. Parents divorced. 2/10
    2006: Greatest year ever in school, worst year at home. Father remarries, I get beaten a lot. 3/10
    2007: Joined theater. Got beaten a lot. 4/10
    2008: Got kicked out of my house. 10/10
    2009: I can't even describe how amazing this year has been. 10/10
  17. Daniel

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    Jun 4, 2008
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    Buffalo, NY
    2000-Hit 10, and hit puberty. Awkward time and I started noticing guys. Meh.
    2001-Even more awkward. 9/11 and my cousin died on the second plane.
    2002-Middle school. Second worst year of my life.
    2003-Hit thirteen. Acne reached the pinnacle of it's scarring abilities. Socially rejected in school. Multiple attempts at...let's not go there.
    2004-Worse yet.
    2005-High school. Life improved. Attempted to become and exchange student.
    2006-Was accepted as an exchange student. Doubled up in school.
    2007-Left New York and started life in Denmark. Best time of my life. Tripped out in a drunken state from the closet.
    2008-Continuation of exchange. Fell in love with Everett, got engaged. Broke up. Continuation of exchange. Returned home. Came out to immediate family. They asked if I wanted more potatoes.
    2009-Graduated High School. Started studying in Buffalo. Loved the city and grew as a person. Took Amnesteen-which contains Accutane. Acne over. Carmen My Eye born. Extended family-outed too. They still nagged me about getting a boyfriend.

    Overall, it was a rough decade but things are looking great for the next century! (Should I make it that far, XD)
  18. JB1986

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    Sep 19, 2008
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    Some people
    2000: Pretty good year. The second part of seventh grade was pretty much a horror, but eigth grade came, which was much better. Also started to realize I liked guys, but squashed my same-sex desires for four years. 7/10

    2001: Ultimately a good year. Started High School. 9/11 did drag the year down, though. 7/10

    2002: Pretty decent. Not much to report here. 7/10

    2003: Again, decent. Nothing truly memorable happened. 7.5/10

    2004: Same-sex attraction came back full force. I thought I was bisexual at this time, but at least I didn't deny I like men anymore, at least to myself. 8/10

    2005: I graduated high school!!! This was for the most part an awesome year. 8/10

    2006: Nothing extremely memorable. Not much worth mentioning. 7/10

    2007: Another good year. Not too indistinguishable from the others. Finally admitted that I'm justflat-out gay to myself at the very end of the year. 7/10

    2008: Probably the most difficult year of the decade. Started coming out to friends as gay, which was really quite euphoric. Went through a minor depression, and last Christmas was pretty bad for me. 5/10

    2009: I equate this year with a roller coaster. Going to gay praide, and mustering up the courage to come out to my parents and a few family members was really euphoric. A grandmother dieing in February hit me pretty hard, and really drug the year down. I did get over my mild depression as well. I'll give this year a 7/10. This one was the hardest to assign a proper grade.

    Overall: 7.15/10

    Ultimately, this was a decent decade. Parts of it made me miss the 90's though (what I remember of the 90's, anyway! :grin:) Parts of it were really rough on me personally, but that's life, and Iam thankful for the experiences. :slight_smile:
  19. Lychee

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    Aug 5, 2008
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    2000 - I had a really good teacher, and had some good friends. I was also part of a gifted kids club where we met every Friday and played games. It was a really nice way for us to interact with each other without feeling like we didn't fit in. - 7

    2001 - I absolutely hated school that year, my teacher was evil and made me cry all the time. Outside of school, however, I was quickly developing my chess ability. From my very first chess tournament, in which I was ranked best novice, it was seen that I was naturally gifted. I got many trophies that year, coming best in my age group constantly, and by the end of the year I was coming first in one of the biggest all-girls competitions in Victoria, this was for people aged 16 and under, and I was just 9. - 8

    2002 - The start of the year was quite good, my teacher was great, and the school decided to provide a better extension program to me and 5 of my classmates. We were all taken to a small room every day for an hour, and were told to work through maths and English questions of a high-school standard together. I also started getting coached in chess by an International Grand Master. But at the end of that year, my dad died, and my mum got depression, and I was basically forced to become an adult. - 4

    2003 - This year was also kinda shit. I quit chess, because it was something that reminded me of my dad too much. The best bit of the year was that I got a dog. Near the middle of the year I went up to QLD for a holiday, and stayed with some family friends. My asthma became non-existent, so I managed to convince my mum to let me stay there until the end of the year. I started attending a new school and made heaps of new friends. - 5

    2004 - I moved back to Melbourne, and started attending a different school to the one I was at previously. I hated it. All the people were really stuck up, I had no friends, I missed Queensland. - 3

    2005 - My dog died, but I got a new one. I also started high school, but it was at the same school that I was at in 2004, but at a different campus. Surprisingly enough, I did quite like it, because there were loads of new people to the school who I made friends with. By the end of the year, I was one of the 'leaders' of my friendship group of about 15 people, so it was a drastic change. I also went to America and Canada to represent Australia in an international competition. Academically I wasn't doing so well, as I wasn't used to having to study for things - 7

    2006 - This year I remained friends with the same people, and started making friends with more people from school. I went to Europe for 6 weeks which I absolutely loved, and, as part of the school program I lived in the boarding house for a month, which meant that I made even more friends. - 8

    2007 - I started doing well academically, although I missed a whole term of school. First I went to Vietnam for 3 weeks, and when I returned I managed to have an asthma attack and end up in the hospital for a week and a half. After that, I wasn't allowed to leave the house, and all I could really do was just sleep. Despite this, I still had to learn all of the term's work in the space of a week, and sit exams. Somehow I managed to get A+s anyway. - 6

    2008 - Despite a few friendship issues, I still remained friends with the same people. My debating team started doing incredibly well, and made it to the finals of the largest debating competition in the southern hemisphere, which was very exciting. I continued to do quite well at school. I went to Thailand which was amazingly good. - 7

    2009 - Quite a good year. Despite some issues with some "friends", I have had a good time. School was very stressful, I managed to have a nervous breakdown by the end of the year, but I still did quite well compared to other people. I went back to Europe which I loved. I started getting involved in EC and made some really great friends who I'd like to stay friends with for the rest of my life (you guys know who you are) - 8
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    RAJ Aladdin Guest

    2000- (6.5)Hated my teacher. I hated him with a passion! I was (still am) an "A" student but I hated my teacher even though he liked me. I know I was one of his favourites (I always am) LOL! But it was the year "X-Men" came out too (I'll never forget it- July 14th, 2000) and "Charlie's Angels" came out as well! I LOVE X-MEN!!!!!!!!

    2001- (7)I liked my teacher pretty much, I guess. She had her good and her bad but I was a good student so it didn't matter much. Horrible year for music in my opinion. The beginning of the end if you asked me for music. And of course September 11th changed ALL our lives, huh?

    2002- (9)LOVE LOVE LOVED my teacher. And I know he'd kill for me LOL! It was his first teaching job out of Teacher's College so our class was his first ever and he was great. He was like my big brother- I almost cried during a math test because I didn't (I still don't get) math and he crouched down and told me "You can do this...". I was a student who didn't like to go to school dances so I always stayed behind with the kids who had detention but my teacher hated that so he offered to pay for my admission to the dance! <3 Also, "Spider-Man" came out- not bad.

    2003- (10)BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE EVER!!!!! Again, I was blessed with an angel of a teacher who was like a big sister to me. Sadly, the worst day of my life happened in January 2003 (a relative passed) but the year treated me very well after that- swept Grad and received the majority of awards.And the best part- "X2:X-Men United" (May 2nd, 2003- I skipped school and everything!) came out-BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And "Charlie's Angels 2: Full Throttle" came out as well! Great movie!!! And "Bringing Down the House" made me piss myself- oh, and it was the year of the sequels- I almost died of laughter in "Bad Boys 2" and "Pirates of the Caribbean" came out!

    2004- (8)Started High School. Tough transition but once again, I ACED everything! Had a hard time fitting in but never really bothered me. Was bullied but got over it as soon as it happened. Had great teachers. Made a life altering decision regarding career path.

    2005- (7)Aced everything. Math was a BITCH! And so was my teacher LOL! Started Drama- CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER!!!!! Went to Florida for January (when second semester started LOL) and had a blast!

    2006- (6.5)Things got harder. Had some of the greatest teachers I've ever had since 2002 and 2003- teachers in Media, English, Drama, Art, Civics, and especially Religion. This was the year I found Religion, NOT GOD (I always had God), I found Religion and became a student of it. A proud Christian, I learned the AWESOME and INSPIRING BEAUTY of ALL Religions in 2006. Also, year "X-Men: The Last Stand" came out- WORST MOVIE OF ALL TIME!!!!!! DISAPPOINTED ME SO MUCH!!!!! English as a study became very important to me and something I had greater interest in than ever.

    2007- (10) LIFE CHANGING!!!! When I say I ACED everything- this time I really mean it!!! My lowest mark that year was 90! YEAH! I KNOW! LOL! But it was my final year until University, so the pressure was on! It was so on I fell unconscious from exhaustion in school! RUSHED TO THE HOSPITAL AND EVERYTHING! Everyone thought I died! It was hilarious! And sweet! Had my first art show, got my first PAYING illustration job, got the lead in school play, went off to the National Drama Festival Championship (didn't win LOL), won best actor in school, "The Simpsons' Movie: comes out (and I was NOT disappointed :grin:) but the best that happened in 2007?- VALEDICTORIAN!!!!

    2008- (5) First year of University on SEVERAL scholarships! Realizes University is SO FREAKING HARD!!! Took courses that made others happy, instead of me. Went to Cuba to celebrate my first year. Latino Disney Channels ARE AWESOME!!!

    2009- (7)Took a chance and it payed off! Started taking courses that made others happy BUT also that made me happy. It is SO HARD to juggle University work! This is harder than last year! But "Wolverine" came out and I was impressed! And pleased it wasn't "X-Men: The Last Stand" LOL!

    2009- As of now, I think I've started to get a hang for University and I juggle much better now and I am giving my work the attention it deserves...2010 will be MY bitch! Not vice versa!
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