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Discussion in 'Coming Out Advice' started by unouxx3me, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. unouxx3me

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    I'm pretty much quiet about my sexual orientation. I prefer women, but do fall for the occasional guy (yet to fall for a straight guy...guess they have to have some form of femininity to them). Recently I've been having nightmares about being outed at school...is this normal or am I just weird? I had one and it woke me up crying, there were kids hitting me and no one really cared. I'm a loner, don't have many connections after things with my last girlfriend went south...I guess I'm afraid that her brother will tell everyone. My parents are severely christian in their beliefs and would disown me knowing I've been with girls in more than just hand holding situations. Any advice?
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    From what I learned, nightmares are just things in your head that you get if you are worried about a particular situation. Same with me having nightmares of being alone or having people know I was gay. During the time of those dreams I was going through the situation of coming out to myself.

    I think sooner or later you'll come to the realization of your own sexuality, as I once went through that stage as a teenager. As for the person who is going to out you to everyone, don't be scared of that it's just one person and probably they won't believe him at all if he did try to out you. Also for your parents, sometimes you can't help with their beliefs and but disowning your very own child because of her sexuality is just wrong, no matter if its because of religion or personal belief it's dumb to throw your own child out because of something you can't help. You just got to play things cool and wait to see how things play out in the future.

    But with the nightmares you'll probably continue to have them because they are a fear you are having right now which will probably stick with you for a while until it gets resolved in the future.
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