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New Monolingual Policy for Empty Closets

Discussion in 'Empty Closets Help and Feedback' started by EmptyClosets, Oct 6, 2013.

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    Hello everybody:

    As the Empty Closets community has grown in the past year, the number of daily posts has skyrocketed. We've added staff to help keep an eye on all of the content posted, but even with additional staff, we're stretched pretty thin overseeing all of the content posted in the community.

    One of the issues that's become an increasing problem is threads, posts, wall postings, and other content in languages other than English. While we have a number of staff members who are competent in two or more languages, we don't have enough multilingual fluency among the staff as a whole to do a consistently good job of reviewing and moderating of postings in languages other than English.

    This creates a security risk, in that objectionable content could be posted in a language that the moderators on duty at a given time may not be able to understand. Up until this point, we handled these situations by using Google Translate or another tool to translate the posts in question. But with the increase in volume of posting, this has become impractical, as the staff simply does not have adequate time to translate multiple posts, threads, and wall postings.

    Ultimately, after considering many different options, the only currently viable solution is to recognize English as the language that the EC community supports, and, from here forward, to require all future posts, threads, wall postings, and PMs (except to staff members) to be made in English.

    We realize that there are some valid arguments to permit threads and posts other than in English, and that doing so would increase EC's visibility and accessibility in locations where English is not the main language, and we also realize that a policy restricting posts to English may have the effect of limiting resources for non-English speakers.

    The admins have discussed the issue in depth, and we believe that the overall concern for the safety and security of site is (at least for the present) the issue we have to be most focused on.

    We don't do this lightly, but ultimately we must in some cases make certain difficult decisions that we may not be completely happy about, but which support our long-term goal of ensuring the safety, viability, and growth of the community.

    Accordingly, effective immediately, we are adopting a policy that the official language of EC is English, and that all communication on EC, including posts, wall postings, blogs, chat, and PMs between members must be made in English. Non-native English speakers can communicate, via PM, in their native tongue to staff members who have fluency in those languages, but communications in all other circumstances must remain in English.

    The CoC has been updated as follows:

    This is certainly something that we can revisit at such time as we have the funding and staff resources to adequately keep up with multilingual support, but until we do, the above policy is necessary. We hope that the community will understand and accept the reasons why we've made this decision.
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