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Late onset dysphoria?

Discussion in 'Anonymous Gender Identity and Expression' started by Anonymous, Jan 13, 2018 at 10:16 PM.

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    Dec 8, 2007
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    I am biologically female but I’ve been convinced that I’m a trans man for months now. Only since yesterday I’ve been having huge doubts, ever since I got the date for my appointment at the gender clinic. Looking back on my past, I’ve never really been uncomfortable with my birth sex. There was never a moment that I really questioned my identity or felt super uncomfortable with myself. I grew up in an environment where gender roles weren’t reinforced so I was basically allowed to grow up the way I wanted.

    I don’t actually think I even knew the significant difference between the sexes until I was 11/12, which was when I started puberty and the beginning of the decline of my mental condition. I’ve honestly never really hated my body. My breasts I’ve always disliked, and I kind of just didn’t have an opinion about my vagina but other than that I didn’t care. I’ve always felt pretty uncomfortable in all of my clothes but I assume that it was because I was self-conscious about my chubbyness. Only after I found out about “transgender” and started obsessing over it is when I started getting “dysphoria”. I dislike my breasts, my hips and my voice and I get really happy when someone calls me by “he” or treats me like a man. But all of these feelings have only appeared after having discovered what transgender is. It kind of makes me feel like either I just got caught up in the whole trans thing or it might be late onset dysphoria... Any thoughts?
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    I feel like I can somewhat relate. When I was a kid I was a generic tomboy but didn't feel any hatred to my body. As I was growing up I was badly bullied and started hating myself and my body for different reasons but couldn't pinpoint. It was only after it clicked that I might be trans that I started experiencing 'dysphoria' or, if you look at it another way, actually noticing that what I felt was gender dysphoria. I found myself so much more comfortable binding and being perceived as male. 4 years ago I started questioning and to this day I'm a damn happier guy than I ever was a 'girl'. I also had the idea that I was 'making it up' and massively obsessing over thinking I was trans when I'm not but give it time and let yourself do whatever makes you feel comfortable and you'll figure it out. Obviously we can't tell you whether or not you're trans but time, experimenting and social transition will help you realise who you are.
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