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JayHew's funeral

Discussion in 'Empty Closets Help and Feedback' started by Paul_UK, Feb 3, 2008.

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  1. Paul_UK

    Paul_UK Guest

    Nov 23, 2004
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    This is the conversation in the chatroom for the 20 minutes after our brief silence in memory of Jerry, to coincide with the start of his funeral. Times are GMT (1am GMT is 4pm ASK).

    Although normally chatroom discussions remain in the chatroom, I think it is appropriate to share this with those who were not able to join us.

    [Paul_UK] 1:04 am: We are all remembering Jerry. His funeral started a few minutes ago. I wish I could be there. Rest in peace Jerry. Thank you for everything
    you did for everyone at EC. We will never forget you
    [Paul_UK] 1:05 am: Thank you all for gathering here now
    [biisme] 1:05 am: Bye Jerry. I'm crying right now, but it's just because you will be missed.
    [Miaplacidus] 1:05 am: Representing the Full Spectrum team but also as a friend, I say goodbye to Jerry. Rest in peace, buddy. *cries*
    [jamieuk] 1:05 am: thanks so much jerry... it was such a shame you left us when we were only really getting to know you. But in this short time, you helped so many
    people and will be remembered always... thank you and may you rest in peace
    [ebra] 1:06 am: we are never going to be able to replace him, his valuable advice. and everything hes done for us. hes taught us alot in alot of ways
    [panda] 1:06 am: We are there in Alaska. Rest in Peace
    [Dylan] 1:06 am: Rest in peace Jerry. You will always be remembered here at EC.
    [Paul_UK] 1:07 am: I have been really touched by some of the comments people have made in his thread. He did so much to help people on an individual basis
    that none of us (not even the mods) ever knew about.
    [beckyg] 1:07 am: Jerry keep an eye on us please. I hope that people will continue to be touched by the things you have written and left with us.
    [beckyg] 1:07 am: You will be missed friend.
    [Paul_UK] 1:07 am: It is not fair to highlight one, but Jerr's posts made me cry
    [Miaplacidus] 1:08 am: Sometimes he annoyed me (not nearly as much as I annoyed him) - but I always came back to him and he always welcomed me as a friend.
    [biisme] 1:08 am: He was always there if you had a health issue, and he did his best to try and help people.
    [ebra] 1:08 am: I hope and pray hes found peace and that he is happy. he deserved it
    [beckyg] 1:09 am: Can we save this chat and send it to Dan? i think he would like that.
    [Paul_UK] 1:09 am: Yes. I also hope and pray that Dan (Jerry's partner) is finding some comfort in knowing how much he was loved
    [Miaplacidus] 1:09 am: I am not a believer - but if there's a God or any kind of justice under the sky, grant Jerry eternal peace.
    [wherewulfe] 1:10 am: if jerry lived a good life, then he will rest peacefully
    [wherewulfe] 1:10 am: and from what i hear, he did
    [Paul_UK] 1:10 am: Jerry devoted his whole life to helping others
    [Miaplacidus] 1:11 am: Jerry was the proof that sometimes happiness comes in your later years, and that sometimes it's worth waiting for so long and working so
    hard as he did.
    [biisme] 1:11 am: I hope Dan is okay right now, knowing that the funeral is taking place now. I'm trying to send him waves of support and comfort.
    [SpikySpice] 1:11 am: when i read Jerry's posts, it was liek reading a medicine book =]
    [wherewulfe] 1:11 am: i never met jerry, i kind of wish i did now
    [panda] 1:12 am: I think of the number of times in so many posts that someone said "we'll wait for JayHew to answer that"
    [ebra] 1:12 am: no kidding
    [ebra] 1:12 am: such aconstant around here, and he always would
    [jamieuk] 1:12 am: i know such a font of useful knowledge
    [ebra] 1:12 am: with a sincere caring
    [SpikySpice] 1:12 am: yes, because we all trust in him
    [jamieuk] 1:12 am: completely and utterly irreplaceable
    [Paul_UK] 1:13 am: Yes
    [SpikySpice] 1:13 am: we should add him to our friendlist in the memory
    [biisme] 1:13 am: to think of everyone he touched, it's good to know that he made a difference.
    [panda] 1:14 am: I have this vision of him paddling that canoe into Paradise
    [Miaplacidus] 1:14 am: Jerry's column on Full Spectrum will never be replaced. I'm sure that the board will agree, but if not I'll force it. Medvice's pages on Full
    Spectrum 2 series will be blank, and from now on, Jerry's name will be included in every issue, as a permanent contributor like he planned to be.
    [beckyg] 1:15 am: I like the bon fire that Dan was planning.
    [beckyg] 1:15 am: I think Jerry would have loved that.
    [biisme] 1:15 am: i wish i was there.
    [Paul_UK] 1:15 am: You will have a lovely obituary for FS2 too. Becky has been working on that for several days.
    [Paul_UK] 1:16 am: I wish I was there too.
    [Miaplacidus] 1:16 am: Me too.
    [Miaplacidus] 1:16 am: I'm determined to make 2 series ten times better than 1 series - if I'm going to carry on with an issue in his memory, I want to make sure that
    it's worthy of him.
    [beckyg] 1:16 am: We know you will Fred.
    [biisme] 1:16 am: it will be great
    [jamieuk] 1:16 am: well if there's an article or something i can write i will be sure to try my best and do ne
    [Miaplacidus] 1:17 am: It will be one which would have made him proud of the team. I promise.
    [beckyg] 1:18 am: Well there will be a picture of Jerry and Dan in F.S.
    [beckyg] 1:18 am: he didn't have his pic on his profile
    [biisme] 1:18 am: i'm sure he was already proud of the team.
    [Miaplacidus] 1:18 am: Yes. I got it.
    [beckyg] 1:18 am: so what do you guys imagine he looked like?
    [Miaplacidus] 1:18 am: Well if I talked it would be cheating. I've known for ages.
    [beckyg] 1:19 am: you have?
    [beckyg] 1:19 am: How did you know?
    [Miaplacidus] 1:19 am: Yes
    [Miaplacidus] 1:19 am: He showed me
    [beckyg] 1:19 am: Did anybody else see a picture of him?
    [Paul_UK] 1:19 am: I only saw his photo a few days ago. Him and Dan together
    [Miaplacidus] 1:19 am: I also know his dog, a St. Bernard puppy who was already bigger than Dan I think
    [beckyg] 1:19 am: well a St. Bernard in Alaska, isn't that perfect?
    [Miaplacidus] 1:20 am: yep.
    [beckyg] 1:20 am: Well I hope the dog will give Dan comfort and keep him company.
    [biisme] 1:21 am: me too. he shouldn't be alone.
    [beckyg] 1:21 am: Dan's kids were there with him. That is good to know.
    [Miaplacidus] 1:22 am: The photo isn't big enough for Full Spectrum but I guess I could add it to the web site. It's a (headless) Dan with the dog
    [beckyg] 1:23 am: Well I have to leave. This was a great idea.
    [biisme] 1:23 am: goodbye..
    [panda] 1:23 am: I'm glad everyone was able to be here
    [beckyg] 1:23 am: I feel like Jerry knows we were here.
    [Paul_UK] 1:23 am: I have to go in a moment too
    [beckyg] 1:23 am: Take care everybody and thanks for showing up to pay your respects.
    [biisme] 1:23 am: me too. it's nice to see everyone that cared about him.
    [Paul_UK] 1:24 am: Thank you all for coming here
    [beckyg] 1:24 am: Yeah
    [panda] 1:24 am: Thanks for making it to this side of the Atlantic
    [ebra] 1:24 am: Thank you for getting everyone here
  2. pirateninja

    Full Member

    Sep 26, 2007
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    Bath, England
    That conversation put a smile to my face. I only wish I could have been there to pay my respects, but unfortunately not only did I have school to go to (so no staying up too late) and the fact that my dad's internet is nonexistant, I missed it, even the UK 10PM one. I'm glad so many people were able to make it.
  3. GlindaRose

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    Jan 20, 2008
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    Out to everyone
    Wish I could have made it too, but at least we managed to do the 10 o'clock thing last night, which I was there for.
  4. TriBi

    Full Member

    Dec 23, 2004
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    I posted this in the "RIP" thread - but given that this thread is entitled "JayHew's Funeral" it seems only sensible to put it here as well.

    The following was documented by an online friend who, some months ago, moved to Alaska. He had developed a friendship with Jerry and Dan, met with them socially and was in attendance at the memorial sevice.

    I thought everyone here would like to see his report:

    Jerry's Memorial Service - Celebration of Life - was held this afternoon at 4:00 p.m. in a little town about an hour north of Anchorage.

    The gathering was small, the structure informal, and the atmosphere bittersweet.

    Dan, Jerry's partner, did a great job of compiling a broad remembrance of a man who had enjoyed a life rich in texture, diverse in dimension, and full of optimism.

    Those gathered reflected many facets of Jerry's life: co-workers, godchildren, siblings, neighbors, and his partner. Several of them shared what a unique person Jerry was in his giving, but forthright, nature.

    The only ones I could really sense missing were his beloved dogs.

    Dan also was faithful to remember ### and Empty Closets, and the huge impact Jerry had on both as he altruistically gave of his wisdom and encouragement to many young men seeking a bit of guidance.

    It was inspiring to hear such worthy accolades. I pray several of us will think on it and redouble our own personal efforts to be as busy about helping rather than complaining. We could do worse than to be imitators of Jerry as he caringly worked for change in our world.
  5. Bromptonrocks

    Sep 16, 2007
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    Can I just say how proud I am to belong to such a wonderful, caring group of fantastic people. I wasn't able to make it to the chatroom at the time of Jerry's funeral but I was there for the earlier UK one. The chatroom transcript above brings a lump to my throat. Thank you everybody.
  6. Ak911

    Regular Member

    Feb 9, 2008
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    Out to everyone
    This has taken me a long time to muster up the courage to read this thread, and even more to reply to this Thread. I am Jerrys youngest God-child. No we were not practicing catholics, but it was always the unwritten rule that if anything happend when we were kids, Jerry would care for us.

    I have to say that I am overwhelmingly (if thats even a word) humbled by the responces and outpouring of support that has been put forth on these threads and to dan. I thought the hard part would be reading the pain that others are going through and dealing with that helpless feeling and wanting to make this all better for everyone. (can you tell I have been around Jerry my whole life :slight_smile: But to be honest, the hardest part, one I can only do for a little while, is read the post that Jerry wrote. Every word that he wrote I know came from his heart. What a wonderful soul that loved to help whoever needed it! I am not sure if this reply is only putting salt on the wound or mending the sore but guess I just needed to start letting some of my feelings out. Bottleing them up as been easier than dealing with them. I am so thankful that Dan lead me to this site. I am thankful to see how Jerry touched not just my life, but the lives of people all over the world. What a wonderful expeirence this has been for me on empty closets and its only my first post.

    What an unexpected death of such a wonderful loving man. I am not angry that he is gone, he wouldn't want me to be. I was just sorry more people didn't get to meet him and know the man that I loved as a father! But now, by reading all of these, I can see now how many lives were touched. I am blessed to know this, as it eases the sorrow in my heart.
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