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I feel a bit sad

Discussion in 'Anonymous Support and Advice' started by Anonymous, Aug 30, 2013.

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    Dec 8, 2007
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    I was with a girl for the first time this year, we were 'together' for months and I had never been happier, but she ended it because she likes guys and recently told me she has a new lover.

    So after a while I finally looked elsewhere, met a girl who's a few years older and here on exchange, we spoke over Facebook for a month or so before going out for drinks and I went home with her. She spent the following week messaging me daily to say she missed me and wanted to kiss and cuddle me in bed. We spent the day together the next weekend and had fun and she bought me lunch, but when it came to saying goodbye I didn't really know what to do/if she wanted me to kiss her, so I just left. She gradually spoke to me less and until I messaged her this afternoon we hadn't spoken in a few days.

    I know that she's insanely busy with work, as am I, but I still feel as if she's 'over' me. What are your thoughts? What should I do? I know nothing serious could work with her because she's only here temporarily, but still, I feel a bit down.

    Please help?
  2. Nocturnal

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    You can just keep talking to her. Whether she's at work or not, it won't hurt to text "Hello, how have you been?" If the feeling's are mutual between the two of you, things will work out. Since you mentioned "I know nothing serious could work with her because she's only here temporarily" maybe she is trying to make a barrier so she doesn't have to feel.
  3. Awww....You sound like you are in a mental limbo torture situation. Maybe she felt a very cold shoulder from you since you never gave her affection when you said bye and then randomly left?

    If you guys have slept together then I think being physically affection is a must, as she might feel rejected. On the other hand if you've just slept together maybe she was only looking for some dirty fun.

    I think you should text her and tell her exactly how you feel, that will solve your issue ASAP.

    I've learnt very quickly in life that communication will save you MUCH bother in life. Say what you want, how you feel and ask her what is up. You will get your answer and be able to move forward either way!