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Help and Feedback Resources

Discussion in 'Empty Closets Help and Feedback' started by Martin, Jun 25, 2008.

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    The list below contains the links to important threads in the Help and Feedback forum. This list will be updated whenever EC staff feel a link should be added so please check back regularly. We strongly urge you to read all the threads below.

    Code Of Conduct - The official code of conduct for EmptyClosets.

    Contact Information - Important reminder about giving out personal details.

    Post Reporting - A reminder on how to use the post report feature and when you should use.

    Browser History - How to clear your browser history to avoid people knowing you accessed this site.

    Support Area Reminder - A reminder for how to behave in the Support forums.

    EC Links - The code for members interested in advertising EC elsewhere.

    Photo Instructions - Instructions on how to make photos appear on the forum.

    Copyright Pictures - Details on how to be sure you own the copyright to a picture or not.

    Created Chatrooms - Details on the Support and Advice chatroom.

    Multiple Quotes - How to easily quote multiple posts in one reply

    YouTube and Spoiler Tags - How to embed YouTube videos in posts, and how to use spoiler tags (which there isn't a button for)

    Making blogs public - How to make your blog viewable by all members (by default they are private)

    Mobile app/site - Our current status on mobile
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