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For those that like E-books

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Media' started by WillowMaiden, May 20, 2012.

  1. WillowMaiden

    WillowMaiden Guest

    Check these out on Smashwords and feel free to leave your thoughts. I can't improve without a fresh eye's take on my writing. I've been self publishing stories since I was 17. I even design my own covers. I'm working on a second paper back, but so far I've been publishing mostly ebooks. With school and work I don't really have the time to market myself properly, so my stories just kind of sit there. What I'm really looking for is other's take on my writing not so much sales, which is why all of my stories are free except the first one (first story I ever published, even has a paperback on amazon. Used the program CreateSpace for that just in case anyone's curious.) So anyway, I figure when I have some free time I'll just share links to my stories on the social sites I visit and this is one of them. Take a look if you want. If reading's not your thing, but you know someone who might be interested just pass my titles along if you so choose. Oh and if there are any other self published authors out there, post away, share your stories here. I'm a reader just as much as a writer and I like to support my fellow independent authors. We're just trying to make it in this world. :grin: :lol: Thanks, bye. :slight_smile:

    P.S. The last story's main character is a lesbian (Romanian-hence the last name), in case any wondered if any of the stories contained homosexual characters.

    Rotten in Denmark: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/157608

    A manchild, a tortured teenage boy, and a middle aged woman rich with power meet under interesting circumstances. Their ties to one another grow into something good and then quickly make a turn for the worse. Someone will die, someone will be scarred for life and someone will win. Whose side are you on?

    Recent divorcee Lilith Armand leads a life of mystery, luxury, and deceit with her son Mickey always at her side. When she spies with her piercing eye the handsome man-child Francois, she does not hesitate to make him apart of her little game. However, much to Mickey’s dismay, the 30-something goofball finds a way into her heart like no other, turning Lilith’s game into a reality where a tough decision must be made. To love or to die?

    Dead Sexy: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/157631

    Resident ugly duckling Angela DeMarcus is so desperate to become beautiful in order to live out her famous dead Mother’s modeling legacy that she does the unthinkable. She sells her soul to the devil!

    Claude the Protector: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/157645

    The love of a crazy man knows no bounds. Claude will do whatever it takes to protect those he love from the evil that plagues him...even kill them.

    Claude has a mental breakdown at 15. The demons tried to kill his Mother and take her light. Sent away to the nut house after a failed attempt to save her with a knife to the throat, he reforms. Released after eight years into the protective care of his cousin, Jakob, he is thought cured. He even meets a girl, Claudia, and falls in love. Life is great. And then as if it had never left, the light comes back in Claudia! With the light comes the demons and with the demons comes death...but whose this time?

    Thorn in a Mother's Rose: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/160121

    "Letting go is one way of saying I love you."~Unknown. For Alina Kobori, it was the only way.

    My Mama is a junky. She's been that way since I started walking. You know I had hopes once. Dreams of her walking in smelling like lavendar instead of rancid smoke. Having a twinkle in her vibrate brown eyes instead of a fog over her yellowish tired ones. My favorite is the one where she reaches her arms out to give me a hug instead of clutching for money or a clean needle. Yeah, those dreams were nice—too bad that’s all they were.

    Anca Kobori-wife, mother, heroin addict. Among other unspeakable titles, Anca has come to deserve the name "burden" as well. Her only daughter, Alina, has carried the weight of this addiction for a very long time. On the girl's 13th birthday, she witnessed her Mother hit one of many bottoms, then bent down to pick her up. From that day on, Alina's life revolved around carrying her Mother from one place to another. Finding her drugs, begging her not to take them, hoping she would listen...she never did. Years passed. It seemed like things would never get good, until one day they did. Anca was happy, Alina was over the moon! So over the moon in fact that she thought it was time she went her own way, started living her own life. Then, at flick of a lighter, things got bad again, real bad. Finally Alina concluded there was only one way out. It just had to be done.