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Coming out 10 years ago

Discussion in 'LGBT Later in Life' started by ErinCM, Jul 2, 2020.

  1. ErinCM

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    Apr 9, 2020
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    Out to everyone
    Coming out 10 years ago wasn't easy at first.I knew had a strong feminine side to me for a long time.First memory was my mom walking out wearing a dark navy dress with heels and tan pantyhose.I always wanted to be like her at times and it never happened.It was 2 weeks after my wife Robin and I started dating 10 years ago,we decided to try something with me.She let me try on some of her clothes and I loved it,saw something come out of me.Then after that my strong female side came right out of me.We started going out shopping for the starting of my femme wardrobe and she helped out big time.Even talked me into getting my ears pierced.Learned everything and it paid off 7 weeks later after trying on my wife's clothing.Was a girl's night out and I had fun with my wife and a few of her friends.The not easy part was telling my family I am a crossdresser.It was one night with my two older brothers and I invited to my parent's place for supper.Looking at my mom,told her there was something I had to come out about.Dad he just came in hearing me say it.Dad looked at me what is it about.Finally saying it,told them they have a part time daughter now I am a crossdresser.My parents,It was tough with them hearing it.My brothers did accept it right away.I gave my parents time on this,it took steps for them to accept it.I was part time at first and finally in 2015,I decided to go fulltime as Erin.Knew I would be much happier as Erin fulltime.My wife was supportive right away on this.Got rid of every piece of male clothing and have not looked back.My family,they see me as a daughter/sister now.My wife loves it now,she has a great shopping partner.Finally,I love being treated as one of the girls now and found my trueself in life.
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