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Afraid of the Unknown

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by BelieveinLove94, Aug 15, 2016.

  1. BelieveinLove94

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    Jul 7, 2016
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    Lately I’ve been thinking and I’ve been worrying about the future. Will I be ok after I graduate college? Will I find a good job? Will I ever find my soulmate? Will my family still love me when I come out as a lesbian? Will people still want to be my friend after I come out? Will I ever find true friends? 
All of these questions are running through my mind and causing anxiety for me. I can’t talk to my other friends about this because they don’t know I’m gay. I’m just afraid of the unknown future .
  2. Misadori

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    Jun 8, 2016
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    Hey BelieveinLove94

    I know exactly how you feel about carryin' such thoughts. For I carry a similiar one. Not only do I wander around in my hometown and worry how my life will look like in the future. Findin' a perfect apartment where I'll live 'til I'm old, find my soulmate that I can share my life with and most of all: Appreciate and respect me for who I am.

    I'm a guy who has a higher interest when it comes to female clothin' compared to many others. And by higher interest than usual, I don't just mean to sit and watch what they wear. I'd like to wear women's clothin' as well. Only few of my friends do know about the true me and I'm scared as... well, quite alot! I'm feelin' blessed to have my friends still with me even if they do know my true self and what I love in this world. But I'm so afraid of who might not like me for bein' me and turn their backs. Not only that, relatives and family too. I do believe that my family won't turn their backs since we're all open-minded and appreciate the LGBT+ community. But that they actually have one in their very own family, they still don't know about that yet.

    I'm also straight and have never even been bi-curious. Walkin' around carryin' transthoughts and bein' straight at the same time, I do question myself if there would be any girl who even would like to be with me? Sorry folks, I'm just bein' pessimistic about my own personal situation, just for the record. I just feel it's a very hard position.

    If you ever feel like talkin' more about this, you're more than welcome to chat with me:slight_smile: Just write a pm or on my wall and I'll be happy to respond to you as fast as I can. I am indeed sorry to hear about you feelin' anxiety over this and I do understand how it's like to carry such thoughts. You can always talk to any of us here at EC:slight_smile: