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Action Alert: Send a thank you card to Hallmark!

Discussion in 'Current Events, World News, & LGBT News' started by beckyg, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. beckyg

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    Mar 20, 2007
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    Middle of Oregon
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    Subject: Wildmon Mounts Campaign to Threaten Hallmark

    It took less than 24 hours for Donald Wildmon's 'family
    values' pressure group, the American Family Association
    based in Tupelo, Mississippi, heart of the Old South, to
    mount a campaign against Hallmark greeting cards for their
    decision to market a line of wedding congratulations that is
    specific to same-gender relationships. Such a speedy
    response -- even to the extent of special action alert pages
    on the AFA's website, is made possible by a multi-million
    dollar budget and a large and sophisticated staffing
    operation, all of which comes out of the pockets of those
    who contribute to Wildmon's own family business. (Several
    members of his clan hold highly-paid, top executive
    positions in AFA.)

    Of course, AFA's 'action alert' misrepresents the situation
    in several important ways, not least by claiming Hallmark is
    promoting a 'lifestyle' that is illegal in 48 states.
    They're not clear on what is 'illegal' -- same-gender
    orientation certainly is not, nor are same-gender
    relationships or even sexual behavior, thanks to the U.S.
    Supreme Court in Lawrence v. Texas. And certainly marriage
    is not illegal in 48 states, nor for that matter is
    same-gender marriage. Same-gender couples in any part of the
    U.S. are free to marry -- have been since Canada legalized
    such unions without any residency requirement. And now the
    same is true in both Massachusetts and California.

    So, in all candor, it's a bald-faced lie that AFA is
    perpetrating. Same-gender marriage (if that's what they
    mean) is NOT "illegal in 48 states," but it is unrecognized
    -- a discriminatory second-class citizenship distinction
    that the AFA and other right-wing groups hope to maintain.

    Surprisingly, AFA isn't exactly calling for a boycott -- yet
    -- though it warns in its 'suggested' email text to Hallmark
    that "American Greeting Cards, your competitor, will be
    getting my business." Perhaps AFA is shying away from a
    public call to boycott because its past efforts along those
    lines have been spectacularly unsuccessful, despite AFA's
    attempts to spin the results into major victories. Or
    perhaps Hallmark has such a saturated (and extremely
    popular) role in the greeting card marketplace that this
    time (unlike their boycotts of Ford, Kraft, McDonalds,
    Disney et al.) the AFA realizes it is not likely to
    seriously affect Hallmark's bottom line.

    Even when you check the back of a card at your favorite
    store (and avoid Hallmark's own franchise locations), you
    can't be sure you're not buying a Hallmark product, since
    the company now markets under a variety of 'boutique' names
    -- Shoebox greeting cards, for example. So rather than a
    flimsy boycott, AFA is calling on its reputed 2.3 million
    plus 'supporters' (which presumably includes everyone on
    their mailing list for whatever reason) to send protest
    messages to Hallmark.

    I've always considered it very helpful that right-wing
    'action' organizations like the American Family Association
    provide email, telephone and snail mail links for contacting
    companies and other entities whom they ask their members to
    bombard with complaints about marketing and social
    responsibility practices -- it makes it so much easier for
    those of us on the other side to send our own messages of
    thanks, approval and encouragement. Here's the information,
    which I urge you to consider using promptly.

    No need to mention AFA's campaign -- just something like,
    "As a consumer who values diversity and inclusiveness in our
    society, I am very pleased to learn that Hallmark is
    expanding its card line which offers the opportunity for
    lesbian and gay people and their families, friends and
    supporters to 'send the very best.' We've always cared
    enough, and now we can turn to Hallmark to complete the
    sentiment. I encourage you to explore other areas in which
    Hallmark greetings can contribute to a world of acceptance,
    affirmation and emotional bonding."

    Donald J. Hall, Chairman
    Hallmark Cards
    2501 McGee Trafficway
    Kansas City, MO 64108
    Phone: 816-274-5111
    or: 800-425-5627
    E-Mail: Donald J. Hall, Hallmark Cards
    sgronb3@hallmark.com <mailto:sgronb3%40hallmark.com>

    I suspect Hallmark would be most impressed by receiving
    'thank you' greeting cards from their own line of products.
    Hallmark cards can be purchased at thousands of retailers as
    well as online -- and the company offers a wide range of
    free e-cards as well.
  2. MeskElil

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    Apr 29, 2008
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    Southern California
    Wow, that's stupid that people can't even let the greeting card company be. It's a sad, twisted world we live in.
    But yay for Hallmark for doing that! Maybe there are some good people in this world.
  3. biisme

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    Oct 10, 2007
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    Rhode Island
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    I keep trying to send them an e-card...but the site is messed up and won't let me!

  4. Étoile

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    Nov 12, 2007
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    The Peach State
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    Out to everyone
    Why can't people just keep their values and morals to themselves?
  5. Psychedelic Bookmarks

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    Oct 24, 2007
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    I sent an email. Thanks Becky.