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20 random facts about you :)

Discussion in 'Fun and Games' started by Ohhai, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. Yosia

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    Jan 26, 2014
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    I like candy
    I also like fruit
    I like music
    Im really bad at being social
    I want to look androgynous too for same reason
    I really want to move to Sweden or Japan
    Like final fantasy series
    i like to watch football
    although I dont like supporters at a lot of teams
    I love cooking/baking but im really bad
    I read fanfiction a lot
    I have really small attention~ I get distracted too easily
    I rarely have my phone in english
    really love coffee
    huge fan of Hatsune Miku
    I get headache a lot
    I much prefer orange squash to fizzy drinks
    I spend way too long watching anime
    I am quite adaptable

    I think thats 20 ^^
  2. Lawrence

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    Jan 16, 2014
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    Out to everyone
    1 - I love Heavy Metal music
    2 - I have an electric guitar I'm not good at playing it
    3 - I like anime, got a decent DVD collection
    4 - I love horror movies, got a huge DVD collection
    5 - I've read more than is healthy about executions and torture
    6 - I was once on my way to becoming a psychologist
    7 - When I was a kid I was obsessed with Germany circa WW2
    8 - I know everything about Vlad Tepes and nothing about fictional Dracula
    9 - Mobile phones scare me to death
    10 - When I was a kid I made a serious attempt at building a time machine
    11 - I've read in depth about hundreds of serial killers
    12 - I like to read non-fiction science books
    13 - I'm a core gamer, 100+ PS3 games, sorry it's not impressive, haha
    14 - I believe in God, Lucifer, Heaven, Hell, Angels, and Demons
    15 - I worship nothing, I'm live and let live with some exceptions
    16 - I don't usually swear, but when I do it's in the German language
    17 - I've done roleplay... dungeons and dragons 3.5
    18 - I don't have enough WIS to become a Paladin
    19 - I'm in denial of being a geek
    20 - I'm iNtj 5w4
  3. xBrightEyes

    Regular Member

    Dec 22, 2013
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    Sexual Orientation:
    1. I don't have many friends, but the ones I do have are very important to me. I prefer it that way rather than having lots of friends who i can't trust.

    2. Linda Nolan (of the Nolan Sisters) saved my life. I will forever be thankful and grateful for her.

    3. I absolutely LOVE all types of sushi!

    4. I'm a very typical Scorpio.

    5. I absolutely love going to the theatre, and I adore pantomimes.

    6. I don't really like being on my own, I like having some company!

    7. I played the violin for 10 years until I was 16, and had to give it up to study for my GCSE's.

    8. I'm not very ambitious, I just want to be happy and healthy.

    9. I LOVE shoes with a passion!

    10. I love 70's/80's music.

    11. My first love broke my heart about a year ago, and it still really hurts now.

    12. I want to make a difference, i want to inspire people.

    13. My favourite film is Taken!

    14. My best friend and her little girl live in Spain, I don't get to see them very often and i miss them.

    15. 2011 was a lovely year for me with lots of special memories.

    16. I love cats.

    16. I drink ridiculous amounts of tea.

    17. I cry at everything!

    18. I love cocktails!

    19. My school burnt down when I was 13.

    20. I didn't stay in contact with anyone from high school, I've known my oldest friend from nursery since we were 4.
  4. HM03

    Moderator Full Member

    Aug 2, 2013
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    Some people
    1) I am an introvert
    2) I have really bad vision
    3) I'm a morning person
    4) I'm socially awkward
    5) I've been playing Pokemon since I was a little kid
    6) I don't like watching TV
    7) I've never been on an airplane
    8) I've only been out of the country once
    9) My favourite movie is Fight Club
    10) I love 90's alt. rock
    11) I hate math
    12) I'm tall
    13) I have a bunch of shirts that are the same but different colours
    14) I'm a nerd
    15) I've never broken any of my bones
    16) I've had to have stitches once
    17) I suck at sports
    18) I spend a lot of my time listening to music and going on the internet
    19) I'm gay
    20) 95% of my friends I've been friends with since I was a little kid
  5. Magenta Mucus

    Full Member

    Dec 1, 2015
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    Cape Town, South Africa
    1. I wanna be an actor
    2. My voice is classified as deeper than a bass in my school choir
    3. My bestie is on here too
    4. My bestie was the first person who actually lived in my country to find out I like boys
    5. I want a boyfriend
    6. I fall in love easily
    7. I stress out easily
    8. I bake when I'm lonely
    9. It's 3:34 AM now.
    10. I want to come out but I'm not sure cuz it might be kind of an open secret.
    11. I'm loving this singer's voice (Hoobastank - The Reason)
    12. I'm a great liar and I lie a lot.
    13 My signal is pissing me off
    14. I eat a lot more than anyone expects.
    15. I'm a grammar nazi and a hammer with spelling
    16. I struggle to out my thoughts into speech
    17. My username is because of me snorting pink, strawberry-flavoured milk flavouring. I had pink snkt fkr a week.
    18. I love StarCraft and MineCraft, but not WarCraft or SoulCraft
    19. I'm the fastest reader in my grade, if not my school, and high medieval fantasy/science fiction/post-apocalyptic is my favourite genres.
    20. Biology and Maths are my best subjects.
  6. mychemromance99

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    Oct 7, 2015
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    All but family
    1. I love jeans, I usually toss one or two on my bed. No blankets needed.
    2. I have black eyes.
    3. I have a nice high pitched but mellow voice.
    4. I can scream aloud and gather a crowd in no time.
    5. I love KitKat.
    6. I love Chemistry but I dislike Inorganic chem.
    7. Music is a much needed part of my life.
    8. I am an only child.
    9. I am bored.
    10. I have a math test in 40 minutes.
    11. I want to learn to play the guitar.
    12. I have read the Oxford dictionary till the letter D. (each word, mind you)
    13. I don't care about my label.
    14. I am a vegetarian.
    15. I have a fetish for legs.
    16. I love people with little moles near their lips (Marilyn Monroe anyone?)
    17. I lover the color black.
    18. My bookshelf is overflowing.
    19. I am in love with a guy.
    20. My first crush was a girl.
  7. Mahidevran

    Regular Member

    Jan 6, 2016
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    A few people
    1. I'm a goth. Quite mixed, though. Somewhere between cyber, traditional, and romantic goth with a slight metalhead influence. SometimesI wear 'normal' clothes as well, but I always need to accent my style.
    2. I'm touch-averse unless I really like someone (which means don't you dare to touch me if I don't know/like you).
    3. I suffer from a genetic disorder called Marfan syndrome (it's a connective tissue disorder that affects mostly joints, heart, and eyes).
    4. My hair is dyed both black and cherry red.
    5. I'm a photographer and my works are published on the web.
    6. I always wear bracelets with my name (Austin) and nickname (Nero), and a necklace with the Queen. I never take them off.
    7. My biggest dream of life is to be a soldier, but I'm not allowed to join the army because of my health issues.
    8. I'm half deaf (no kidding, my left ear is basically out of order), yet I love music.
    9. I'm obsessed with radars, number stations and other mysterious things like HAARP, UVB-76 or the Russian Woodpecker. I mean, literally obsessed. I wish I could explore the areas where all of them are located :wub:
    10. I have central heterochromia in both my eyes. They are half brown and half greenish grey.
    11. I'm so much into EBM and aggrotech now. <3
    12. Sometimes people compare me to Amy Lee. It doesn't even disturb me because some parts of her style are really awesome.
    13. I work as an electrician and I really love my job... even though I'm scared of electricity.
    14. I have 4 ear piercings. Nothing impressive, right? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
    15. Sometimes I actually have some sense of humour. But it's so bad nobody understands it :grin:
    16. My grammar tends to be really bad at times. I also speak much worse than I write.
    17. I don't know how to swim. But I can ride bikes. I'm better and faster than Satan himself, really.
    18. I'm actually an atheist.
    19. It infuriates me when someone calls me emo. Because I take it as an insult. (No offense to anyone, but I really don't like emo subculture at all)
    20. I wear my sister's clothes.
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  8. SillyGoose

    Regular Member

    Apr 16, 2016
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    Crumpet Land
    Gender Pronoun:
    Sexual Orientation:
    Out Status:
    Not out at all
    1) I'm a Blackbelt in wado ryu Karate
    2) I am fairly good at ventriloquism
    3) I can move my eyebrows independently from each other
    4) I love languages despite being an introvert
    5) I'm quite advanced in Violin and Piano
    6) I know a huge amount about cuttlefish (don't ask why)
    7) I am an extreme social justice warrior
    8) I have a scar on my butt from when I was impaled by a toy boat
    9) My eyes are blue with gold centres .. Pretty weird
    10) I'm also ginger so I have the rarest hair and eye combination
    11) I am grade 6 in ballet
    12) I'm chronically underweight
    13) I can't stand big headed or vain people
    14) I was vegan for a while but my parents couldn't cope with catering for it so I shall return to being one when I move out
    15) I'm a complete lier (or was that a lie)
    16) I hate how I look
    17) I am good at science, mathematics, RE/philosophy and technology as well as languages
    18) I can speak French and Russian to a decant standard
    19) I'm extremely left wing
    20) I get very jealous very easily
  9. YuriBunny

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    Jan 10, 2014
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    I'm an introvert; I live in my head.
    Gender Pronoun:
    Sexual Orientation:
    Out Status:
    Out to everyone
    1. My favorite thing out of everything is cuteness. ^.^♥
    2. I've been learning Japanese on and off since I was twelve years old (still not nearly fluent, but good enough for now).
    3. My favorite foods are rice, cherries, and olives. Kinda random?
    4. I eat cereal for breakfast pretty much every single day, sitting in the same chair. Once the chairs weren't there (can't remember why) so I sat on the floor where the chair would be to eat it rather than sitting in another chair.
    5. I am absolutely terrified of roller coasters and driving a car.
    6. When I was little, a goose bit me. Ever since, I haven't gone near a goose.
    7. I tend to space out really badly and lose track of time at random moments. As a result, I often struggle to get things done within a normal time frame.
    8. My dog is the cutest dog in the world. I treat him like royalty.
    9. I usually wear plain, gender neutral clothing.
    10. I get along with pretty much anyone, even if we have extremely different beliefs. I am extremely easygoing and respectful, and people find me easy to talk to about their problems because I am so non-judgemental. ^.^
    11. I rarely ever talk. Some people think I am mute. Really, I just don't like to talk, and I can never think of much to say anyway.
    12. When I was little, everyone thought I was just really shy and had OCD. Recently I found out I have Asperger's syndrome.
    13. I have had the same best friend since kindergarten. I also have a creepy friend who is obsessed with me... but we still get along!
    14. Many people mistakingly believe I have no emotions. My mom says I seem to be in a permanent state of calm. Really, my mind is chaos!
    15. I say that dark chocolate is better than milk chocolate or white chocolate.
    16. I wear glasses. I hate wearing them. I've never gotten used to the way they feel on my nose, and they get dirty so quickly that I can never see well with them on anyway. But my parents threaten me into wearing them. o.o
    17. I learned how to read earlier than my peers. Four years old, I think? In kindergarten, the teacher let me sit in the corner reading her chapter books while my classmates learned the alphabet. I loved reading back then, which was why I learned as quickly as possible, but now I don't like reading much, and my reading comprehension has gotten worse somehow.
    18. Despite not liking to read much anymore, I do like to write. I've been keeping diaries since I was six or seven years old (I didn't date them back then, so I don't know for sure), and I write a lot of poetry.
    19. I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up. Every suggestion I've been given sounds too difficult. My mom believes I will never be independent. I wish she'd stop being negative and try to help me.
    20. I really want a banana muffin right now...
  10. Glowing Eyes

    Regular Member

    Apr 23, 2016
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    Georgia (USA)
    1. I have brown hair
    2. I watch loads of video games on YouTube but only actually play a select few that I'm so sure I'll love which I then wont shut up about
    3. I'm a Trump supporter (JUUUUUST KIDDING)
    4. I'm somehow convinced most people who know me in real life probably want to punch me in the face
    5. I hyper analyze every part of my life which can both have great and really bad effects
    6. I hate school so much (very uncreative I know)
    7. I love faking a hard southern US accent and have gotten pretty good at it (I'm not from the south)
    8. I can't let go of things
    9. I actually had high expectations for Terminator Genisys :bang::bang::bang:
    10. My two biggest fears are heights and the ocean
    11. but since playing Bioshock Infinite my fear of heights has oddly gone down a little (oh look, there's that video game I can't shut up about)
    12. I've got horrible social anxiety except for with my close family where I may actually need a little more
    13. I was super afraid of dogs until my family got one; now I love them
    14. There was a time where I had an obsession with kissing people (awkward :icon_redf)
    15. You don't want to see me when my laptop's having technical issues (which happens way too often)
    16. I have a weird kind of memory where I remember every little detail like it's a big deal even if it isn't
    17. In 8th grade I tried being friends with the stereotypical dudebro crowd; it didn't go well
    18. In my family, I get along best with my father
    19. For a while, I used to be obsessed with Transformers cartoons from the 1980s
    20. I'm a human being
  11. Sohryuden

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    Jun 15, 2016
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    Sexual Orientation:
    1) I love anime
    2) I'm a bitter introvert
    3) I was born in the Philippines, but was brought to the US when I was only a year old.
    4) There's only one person in the world right now that I can consider a true friend.
    5) My father's side of the family has officially blacklisted me for reasons that don't actually involve my sexual orientation, which makes me offended and pleasantly surprised all at the same time (if that makes any sense).
    6) I have a Class A driver's license and plan on getting a job as a truck driver at some point.
    7) When I was a child, I wanted to be a Paleontologist. And if I could afford it, I would've actually pursued that dream because it still interests me.
    8) I'm a shorty
    9) I LOVE video games. Sometimes to borderline disturbing levels. Seriously, if it weren't for gaming, I'd be a hell of a lot more stressed than I am now.
    10) People either have two opinions of me (in regards to first impressions): I don't talk a lot, so I MUST be shy. OR, I don't talk a lot, so I MUST be an asshole.
    11) People seem to keep mispronouncing my last name. It's not long, but you do have to say it a certain way.
    12) My very first celebrity crush growing up was Lucy Lawless (Xena)
    13) I was diagnosed with mild depression last year (not surprising)
    14) When I was younger, I kept trying to do the Kamehameha Wave in public.
    15) I almost drowned during a party when I was five years old. I swam to the deep end of the pool, and none of the adults saw me. My teenage cousin was the one who pulled me back to the shallow end.
    16) Due to above incident, I now have a slight fear of water.
    17) My nickname in elementary school was Pocahontas, because my hair was incredibly long. I never cut once until I reached my Sophomore year in high school (by then it was even longer).
    18) My favorite Final Fantasy game is VII, with VI following close behind.
    19) I keep my hair very short now, because of the maintenance I had to go through when I kept it long.
    20) I once worked as a Security Guard in San Francisco.
  12. Kodo

    Full Member

    May 27, 2015
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    Male (trans*)
    Gender Pronoun:
    Sexual Orientation:
    Out Status:
    Out to everyone
    1. I am very obsessed with Doctor Who.

    2. I am a vegan, though I prefer the term herbivore.

    3. I play the piano and compose.

    4. I have Aspergers Syndrome (or rather, Autism Spectrum Disorder).

    5. I have an affinity for old things circa 1900-1960.

    6. I love the rain and anything to do with water, such as swimming or visiting the ocean.

    7. The only job I've ever held was working in a greenhouse, watering and trimming plants.

    8. I read a lot of psychology books, and especially enjoyed learning about personality theory.

    9. I am very good at math.

    10. One of my favourite books is "1984" by George Orwell.

    11. I like indie music. My favourite indie artist is Sufjan Stevens.

    12. I have cooked dinner for my family nearly every night for six years. As such, I've gotten quite good at cooking.

    13. I wish to be a filmmaker.

    14. I have sea blue eyes and am very pale.

    15. Although I am not yet an otaku, I love anime. So far my favourite has been "Free! Iwatobi Swim Club."

    16. I have been addicted to caffeine since I was eleven. At one point I depended upon 5+ cups of coffee daily, but have since weaned to 2-3 and developed a habit for hot tea as well.

    17. I am seventeen years old.

    18. I am an archetypal nerd, though I prefer the term intellectual badass.

    19. My favourite colour is grey-blue, like the sky when it rains.

    20. I adore anything strawberry flavoured.
  13. MusicNotes

    Regular Member

    Nov 3, 2015
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    Sexual Orientation:
    Out Status:
    Some people
    1. I am introverted

    2. I struggle with making friends, and usually hope someone starts talking to me.

    3. I mess up my sleep schedule way too often.

    4. I am currently sick

    5. My current go-to game is Touch 3claws

    6. I'm going on vacation tomorrow, and I'm not excited.

    7. I don't like swimming in the Ocean

    8. Manga > anime. 'nuff said.

    9. I used to write songs when I was little that no one will ever get to see.

    10. My cooking skills include: Ramen, Pasta, Mac and Cheese, and tacos.

    11. I want to be decent at baking.

    12. I can't touch raw meat just the idea irks me. When I cook tacos someone else has to put the meat in the pan.

    13. My sexuality is pretty darn fluid, but it seems pretty solid at this point.

    14. I accidentally told my crush I like her at her Birthday Party. Classy, huh?

    15. My Birthday is August First.

    16. I'm highly opinionated.

    17. I looooove to gossip. Not my best trait, but when I gossip it's not lies it's my honest opinions which I have a lot of.

    18. I want to date someone and be able to give them flowers I grew.

    19. I am a helpless romantic.

    20. I eat cereal for dinner way too often
  14. KayJay

    Full Member

    Jun 12, 2014
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    Ontario, Canada.
    1. Bears are my favourite animal
    2. I have 3 tattoos and 2 piercings
    3. I enjoy competitive fighting video games
    4. I'm half American
    5. I like to binge watch television shows
    6. I'm very excited for No Man's Sky
    7. My favourite food is potato
    8. I eat ketchup with my potato
    9. My boyfriend is basically a farmer
    10. I own the same tank top but in 7 different colours.
    11. I have trouble sleeping
    12. There isn't a Burger King where I live
    13. I'm kind of flexible but I don't really train for it at all
    14. I have 2 brothers and a sister
    15. Claptrap is my favourite video game character
    16. I have strabismus
    17. My favourite drink is vodka
    18. I have a custom printed map of Azeroth on my wall
    19. I like collecting Funko POPS
    20. I'm actually a bear. But no one knows you're a bear when you are on the internet.
  15. Charlz

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    Apr 7, 2016
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    Sexual Orientation:
    1. I didn't have a computer until after I started high school.

    2. My second toe is longer than the others.

    3. I slept with a light on for waaaaay too many years.

    4. I love Italian food.

    5. My current GF is the first real, lasting, and meaningful relationship that I've had.

    6. I didn't get my drivers license until I was 25.

    7. I finished a class in high school with a grade of 100%

    8. My favourite console game is Tales of Symphonia. My fav PC game is Knights of the Old Republic.

    9. I love anime, I've watched so many different series.

    10. I'm a nerd.

    11. I love to travel and see new places, though I haven't been anywhere very exotic yet.

    12. I've never been truly drunk.

    13. I've lived my entire life in a 5km radius

    14. I like to cook, and would like to think I'm good at it.

    15. I spend my life on the computer yet know next to nothing about it.

    16. I've met many people in person that I first met via online gaming.

    17. I've always wanted to play an instrument and am jealous of anyone that can.

    18. I love Star Wars and Lord of the Rings and have lots of LotR prop replicas.

    19. My favourite colours are purple and dark green.

    20. I own my own business and have people that work for me.
  16. Hawk

    Community Facilitator Admin Team Full Member

    May 12, 2015
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    Male (trans*)
    Gender Pronoun:
    Sexual Orientation:
    Out Status:
    Family only
    1) I have an extra bone in my lumbar vertebrae (6).
    2) I'm a democratic socialist.
    3) I got 4th place in the school (K-12) spelling bee.
    4) I had to get 4 stitches in my thumb from accidentally cutting it open with a hunting knife in grade 9.
    5) I'm part Norwegian and Dutch.
    6) I've never broken a bone.
    7) I learned to read when I was 3.
    8) My favourite colour's royal blue.
    9) I've never lived in a city.
    10) I adore all animals.
    11) My family stopped going to church when I was around 5, and I am now an Atheist.
    12) I've never been in a relationship.
    13) I can play the piano, violin and guitar.
    14) The first concert I went to was Emerson Drive.
    15) I started playing the piano at 5 years old.
    16) I love Harry Potter.
    17) I love discussing politics.
    18) I have one older brother.
    19) I've had a total of 13 pets (4 currently).
    20) My parents were planning to have a third kid when I was 6-7, and sometimes I feel guilty that they never.
  17. Grim_Rin

    Regular Member

    Jun 16, 2016
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    Male (trans*)
    Sexual Orientation:
    Out Status:
    Not out at all
    1. My favorite color is orange, and I wear it in some form every day.
    2. Apparently I'm not alone as an Aspergers trans guy. Who knew. Seriously, thank you for sharing, Kodo.
    3. I'm a book fanatic. I have 3 7ft tall book shelves worth of comics, manga, and fiction/nonfiction works and I'm still cramming for shelf space...
    4. I own a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Spartacus.
    5. I enjoy math.
    6. I recently got my motorcycle license.
    7. I draw lots, usually eyes and portraiture.
    8. I want to live to be 82 years old and retire in my 70's to a small island community.
    9. My initials spell my name. In real life. My parents are pretty rad.
    10. Wolves are my favorite animal.
    11. I have a collection of stuffed animals.
    12. I'm an RPG fanatic. Pretty typical in that my favorite game is Chrono Trigger.
    13. My favorite book has always been White Fang, by Jack London. It's better than Call of the Wild, don't let anybody tell you otherwise.
    14. I work in an ophthalmology lab.
    15. I think anime and manga are pretty bomb.
    16. I bought my first binder a few weeks ago as a graduation present to myself.
    17. I have a little bro who's half a foot taller than me.
    18. I dislike alcohol.
    19. My favorite food is shrimp.
    20. I carry around a box full of origami paper that I fold when I'm stressed out.
  18. Miaplacidus

    Full Member

    Feb 3, 2007
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    Montevideo, Uruguay / Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Gender Pronoun:
    Sexual Orientation:
    Out Status:
    Out to everyone
    1) The day I was born, my mother had to be rushed to the hospital (a 30-mile ride) in a somewhat decrepit 1973, sky blue Ford Falcon taxi which had been re-engined with a Mercedes 220 engine with less than half the original's power and could barely maintain 40 mph on the highway. They had to do the unthinkable for me not to be born in the back seat.

    2) I learned to read by age 2 and to write (rather poorly, but intelligible) by age 3.

    3) I never studied English, but I'm proficient despite it not being my native language, and never having lived in an English-speaking country. I also speak German, which I formally studied, but my English is much better than my German.

    4) I was introduced to computers at a very young age, and I still remember how to set up and use a MS-DOS environment. (That was before Windows 95, kids!)

    5) Despite having been born in Latin America, I'm of fully European ancestry -- but my ancestors came from all over the continent. My last name is of Portuguese origin; the ancestors I know of came from Spain, southern France and northern Italy.

    6) I have a scar on my forehead from when I was little, which wasn't the product of an encounter with Lord Voldemort.

    7) I'm more familiar with the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, than most locals.

    8) I look like the kind of guy who would look at home in an European supermini car, but a '69 Mustang is more of my kind of thing.

    9) I love the song "No Woman No Cry", but I really, really don't like cornmeal porridge.

    10) I tend to like old stuff, as in 50s-60s. Think mid-century modern, particularly in architecture and decoration.

    11) My love for Apple products is so conspicuous that my friends have described my religious beliefs as "Jobsianism"

    12) I threw a novel I was writing into the trash after writing over 300 pages because I didn't like it.

    13) I have an active imagination at age 26, it being the only reason I can endure doing cardio at the gym. Otherwise, I'd get extremely bored.

    14) I live in a very racially homogeneous country, yet, out of four serious relationships I've had, two have been interracial, including my current one.

    15) My boyfriends have always been younger (my current one is 5 years younger.) I have never actively looked for younger guys, though -- in most cases they had to actively call my attention as I am really bad at relationships.

    16) I often think (and talk) of completely random things, which tends to annoy those around me. Examples include the sinking of Andrea Doria, the advantages of owning a Catalina, and an hypothetical strategy for Britain in the Falklands War.

    17) I used to be in pretty good shape, but 3 years of office work did away with that. I'm back to training, though.

    18) My handwriting is somewhat feminine.

    19) My Mediterranean heritage has gifted me with a permanent five-o'-clock shadow which I loathe.

    20) Every time I've been seriously attracted to a woman, the woman in question was a lesbian, or at least a more-lesbianish bisexual.
  19. killswitch0029

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    Dec 17, 2015
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    New England
    1.) I just finished my 6th year of college
    2.) I have 2 fish, 2 frogs, and a hermit crab
    3.) I don't own a smart phone (I know, GASP)
    4.) I'm an Aquarius
    5.) I've always wanted to learn to play an instrument
    6.) Even though I'm rather thin I'm severely out of shape
    7.) Anime = life for me
    8.) Been a big horror geek since forever. My mom caught me watching Nightmare on Elm-street when I was 2... and laughing
    9.) Music is, in my opinion, the greatest invention ever
    10.) I love anything to do with ghosts and the paranormal but I don't fuck with that kind of stuff personally
    11.) I'm a little superstitious
    12.) My dream when I was little was to be a doctor. Now I wanna be a teacher
    13.) I have 3 nieces and a nephew
    14.) My favorite color is blue
    15.) Even though I'm gay I still think Lana Del Rey is super hot
    16.) I love to write. I've written a few poems and short stories (nothing published though... but I can still dream :slight_smile:)
    17.) Seafood is my favorite thing on the planet except for lobster, crab, and shrimp
    18.) My best essays have been written when I've been drunk. And I mean drunk
    19.) Eventually I want to move out of my home state. Maybe when I'm older and ready to settle down
    20.) I have OCD about some things, but not enough to drastically affect my life
  20. PrettyinPunk

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    Feb 17, 2016
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    1. I have technically 5 middle names
    2. Quite a few of the shirts in my closet I've worn since high school.
    3. I'm a sufferer of the horrible "hangry" diagnoses. I apologize in advance if you meet me when I'm hungry.
    4. I was a tenth month baby when I was born.
    5. I'm terrible at wrapping presents.
    6. The feeling of scratching paper makes me flinch in discomfort.
    7. I also love anime/video games
    8. I could speak in full sentences before I was 1 and a half.
    9. I got blood poisoning once.
    10. I can fall asleep in unusual positions.
    11. One of my dreams is to travel the world.
    12. I didn't learn how to ride a bike until I was a teenager.
    13. I can't skip, I'm literally incapable of it.
    14. I can apparently make people laugh.
    15. I enjoy winter.
    16. My hands are unusually large.
    17. I've never been in love.
    18. I have a secret desire to be in a rock band.
    19. I'm a talented writer.
    20. When I was 3-4 I saw Titanic and cried hysterically when Jack/Leo died.