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1. Do you carry any wish in life you'd like to live up to? 2. Ever wanted to travel back in time??

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Misadori, Jun 25, 2020.


Have you ever wanted to travel back in time to give your younger self more courage??

  1. Yes, how I wish that I could\^.^/

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  2. Not necessarily, but it'd be a fun idea though;)

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  3. I'm pleased with my history so I don't feel I need to:)

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  4. Naah, can't say I wish I wanna do that ever;P

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  1. Misadori

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    Jun 8, 2016
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    Some people
    There's been several times when that thought has crossed my mind. For me it's been a long fight against inner demons to gather enough courage and strength to first accept myself that I'm trans MtF and what to do from there. It took me over 20 years to tell myself that and for all too long I've been keepin' that secret toward everyone and tried to live an alter life in shadows and stay hidden.

    I wish that I could've turned back time and be my own guardian and also give my younger self more courage and self confidence to be who I really am. I've missed out so many cool, wicked and cute skirts and dresses (as well as certain coats and jackets too(A)) through my life - and that blows quite. You snooze, you loose and I've missed out all too many chances. I really don't have a certain style either, I'm into vintage, chic as well as boho, goth, formal clothin' and so on. Sometimes I feel all too wide with selections of styles and still not fit in with patterns and so on (yet, I love 'em alot!) I will never know if I would've had more friends within the LGBTQ+ community today if I were open towards the world durin' pre- and durin' high school (love my friends that does accept me today, I have no idea what I'd do without 'em!!^^:wink: )

    I also wish that I could come out to the world and do somethin' to inspire others to gather courage and give 'em a place where they could feel safe^^ Like a little haven where everybody can live out their inner dreams without bein' judged so everyone could feel true happiness, meet new friends or maybe become more than just friends:slight_smile: Despite that I haven't had much desire durin' my school years to talk infront of the class or any group of people, I do carry a little dream to be able to stand on a stage wearin' somethin' long and elegant in satin, wear a wig and show everyone that I am me and this is another part of my true self in life that I love to do^^ And do a speech that can inspire:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
    I also wish that I could own and run a cosplay store or a store with formal clothing:3 Both of those options would be a step closer to my true heaven of havin' a 2nd wardrobe<3;P^^
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