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So my BF and I have opened up our relationship a little

Discussion in 'Physical & Sexual Health' started by Skaros, Sep 2, 2019.

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    My boyfriend of over a year and a half have recently started experimenting with opening up our relationship. Currently we're looking for a third, but I'm also allowed to hook up with a guy one on one if there's video for my BF (which I have done a few days ago, everything being 100% consensual). We are actually hoping to arrange a threesome with that same guy. I suppose it's a way for us to have sexual freedom while still being committed to each other, because in the end we are eachother's #1. This has been the result of months of healthy discussion and gradually progressing topics and ideas, so this isn't some rash decision. Our first experience with someone was together, and it was honestly super great! Not full on sex, but it did involve making out and dick touching. A very mind opening experience to say the least

    I suppose there still are anxieties I have about it. I've had a little bit of an anxious meltdown once in the past 2 weeks, but something my boyfriend and I did talk through and resolved together. But I'm curious if anyone else has experiences to share? Like are there signs I should look out for or be cautious about before exploring more? I'm just so new to this. I never thought I'd find myself in a semi-open relationship, but it's all so new, exciting, and even weird! But in a good way! I'm really open to any advice or information that would be useful in this kind of dynamic.

    And since strangers are now involved, I will once again need to know about sexual health advice? Should we consider going on Prep? We already set a boundary of only condoms with penetrating, but we aren't on Prep so I'm just a tad worried about faulty condoms or someone poking a hole in one!

    Thank you :slight_smile: