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Question about sexuality

Discussion in 'Sexual Orientation' started by splattered, Aug 27, 2010.

  1. splattered

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    Aug 24, 2010
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    Before I was born the doctor told my parents congrats its a girl. towards the end of my Mom's pregnancy after my room was painted pink and decorated and clothes bought the doctor said oh wait...Its a boy lol. So the room was re-painted blue and everything returned but thats beside the point. I read somewhere a while ago that being a "late bloomer" (i guess is what you would call it) can effect a persons sexuality. Like maybe I wouldn't be a closeted bisexual if my genitailia grew in faster..I know that sounds rediculous and I wish I could link you to where I read it (some doctors website). But Has anyone heard of anything like this? Makes me wonder.
  2. KaraBulut

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    Mar 1, 2008
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    Gender and sexual preference are different things. People confuse them with ideas like "straight-acting", "butch lesbian" or "flaming queen". But they are individual traits.

    Research is telling us more and more that there is part of gender roles that are innate and part that are learned. So, there is part of who you are that is determined why your genes, by your genitalia and part of who you are that is guided by the way you are brought up and the people around you.

    For example, in Italian families the family gathers in the kitchen and the boys are often as good of a cook as the girls where in more traditional American families, the girls learn to cook and the boys often don't. The Italian families view the ability to cook as gender-neutral and part of being a family. The American families view the ability to cook as "women's work". From a practical standpoint, men are as capable of cooking a meal as women are but who does the cooking is something that society dictates.

    But there's one thing that the research is showing more and more- that while sexual preference is believed to be more and more an innate characteristic.

    While we can say that humans are situationally sexual- that most of us can perform sexually with men or women - the concept of "sexual preference" is something that is extremely difficult to change and extremely difficult to "program" into a child.

    So, in your situation, you may have gender role issues related to the confusion around whether you were a boy or a girl. You may be as comfortable doing traditionally masculine things like working on cars or playing sports. You may also be as comfortable in traditionally feminine roles such as child-rearing or home-making chores.

    But who you are sexually- whether it's gay, straight or anything in between- is part of who you are- much like your hair color, eye color, personality type and things that you like to do.