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Does genitalia matter?

Discussion in 'Sexual Orientation' started by Sadness, Sep 14, 2021.

  1. Sadness

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    Nov 28, 2020
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    Hi guys (sorry if this question bothers someone)

    Lately ive been trying to quit porn for good, its been kind hard so im trying to fantasize instead of watching porn. Doing this made me question about something.

    I actually wrote this in someones thread but i would like to hear other perspectives.

    Does genitalia matter?

    I say this because, yesterday i fantasized about doing a bj for a MTF transgender woman and to hentai character crossdresser (is crossdresser a bad term? Im really sorry if it is, and is considered a male? Because i can only see them as a woman) and when i thought about them feeling pleasure i got very hard and aroused.

    But when i do fantasize with men i dont feel this, i feel gross and dont get hard.

    Isnt the genitalia the same? So why i do i get aroused by one and feel disgusted by the other? So this made me think that genitalia doesnt really matter. What do you guys think?

    I already saw a lot of straight men who did a bj for a transwoman but dont like to do it for a men, so is it quite normal?